Rebel Gail Communications Launches Rebel Rise, a Cost-Effective Instagram Growth Program for Emerging Brands

by | Jul 12, 2019

Rebel Gail Communications, a boutique communications agency, announced the launch of Rebel Rise, a proprietary, affordable Instagram growth program, designed specifically for emerging brands looking to boost their Instagram presence.

“We noticed that there were a number of amazing brands who just didn’t have the budget for an agency to help them with social media. We wanted to be able to connect useful products and consumers in an accessible way so all brands could benefit,” explains Jessica Goldberg, Co-Founder and Joint-CEO of Rebel Gail Communications.

Rebel Rise uses proprietary tools to easily interact with relevant target audiences on Instagram. Now, a brand of any size can have access to the expertise of a top consumer agency while focusing on one of the most important areas of growth for awareness and sales – social media.

“By creating this technology, we’re able to connect any brand with their target customers. This allows us to bring relevant information to consumers as well as benefiting the clients,” says Nancy Caravetta, Co-Founder and Joint-CEO of Rebel Gail Communications.

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