Rinck Advertising Recognized as a Winner in Ragan’s Top Places to Work

by | Feb 23, 2023

The program recognizes the companies and organizations that shine a light on employees and foster a welcoming workplace culture for all. Rinck is one of 14 companies in the U.S. recognized in the Small Organization (less than 100 employees) category.

Rinck is a nationally recognized, woman-owned, full-service agency headquartered in Maine with remote locations across the United States. Founders Peter and Laura Rinck believe in a people first approach that values work-life balance and meeting the needs of Rinck’s most important asset – its people. That philosophy is at the core of the employee programs, benefits, and overall approach to Rinck’s culture.

While this philosophy has been in place since day one, the agency recommitted itself to its employees in 2020 to make Rinck an even better place to work and thrive during the challenges of a worldwide pandemic.

During the early days of COVID, agency employees, also known as Rincksters, worked remotely alongside their families, pets, and personal obligations to navigate the rapidly changing work-life landscape.

The need to find impactful solutions to challenges in the virtual workplace led Rinck to a former research colleague, Anush Hansen. Hansen was at the beginning of her journey to help people assess work-life balance and rediscover their values. Mindful of the “Great Resignation,” Rinck volunteered to become the pilot company to test Hansen’s Balanced Card Sorts®. As part of her work-life balance assessment, Hansen met with staff to clarify, prioritize, and process career and life goals; identify what was most important at work and home; articulate what was getting in the way of having their desired balance and then helped them create specific, actionable goals. The process allowed the team to develop skills leading to a healthier work-life balance even after the pandemic waned.

Since that time, some businesses have mandated a return to working in offices and dictated set hours, often chock-full of meetings. However, Rinck employees can choose to work from any location and set their hours to accommodate their needs. An asynchronous-first approach and meeting-free Wednesday afternoons and Fridays ensure employees have less scheduled time and more focus time built into every week. Furthermore, the agency offers 5+ Free Fridays during the summer when the entire agency is closed.

Other benefits include the agency’s generous contribution towards employee monthly healthcare premiums, a 401K match, and $25,000 in life insurance coverage. The agency offers continuing education tuition assistance and an Employee Assistance Program, which helps in various circumstances, including finding a new daycare, legal questions, finding a counselor, and smoking cessation.

This people-first approach is a primary reason Rinck boasts an impressive average tenure of more than six years. This is more than twice the industry average of less than three years for marketing positions. Additionally, over 60% of Rinck employees have been with the agency for more than five years (and nearly 25% for more than ten years). Moreover, nearly a third of the team is comprised of “boomerangs” – team members who bounced back to Rinck after gaining additional experience elsewhere.

“We’re proud to be recognized by Ragan as a Top Place to Work,” said Rinck President Laura Rinck. “More than that, we’re proud of our team—the people who choose to give of themselves day in and day out. Together, all make Rinck an amazing place to work.”

About Rinck Advertising:

Founded in 2001, Rinck is a nationally recognized full-service advertising agency headquartered in Maine with remote locations across the U.S. The firm provides expertise in strategic planning, brand building, creative services, media planning and buying, digital strategy & development, public relations, influencer marketing, shopper marketing and strategic content marketing. Over the last decade, Rinck has built a behavioral change practice specializing in counter-marketing, social marketing, and mass-reach health communications. Rinck represents a range of local, regional, national, and international clients in government, higher education, consumer packaged goods, restaurant service, transportation, banking, law, healthcare, non-profits, and tourism. Learn more at www.rinckadvertising.com or @RinckAdvertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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