RockDove Solutions and Institute for Crisis Management® Partner to Deliver Complete Issues and Crisis Communications Management Solution

by | Jan 31, 2022

RockDove Solutions, developer of the award-winning issues and crisis management platform, In Case of Crisis 365, and the Institute for Crisis Management (ICM), a leading crisis communication management firm, announced that the two companies have partnered to provide clients a complete issues and crisis communications planning, communication and management solution.

Traditionally, crisis was thought of as an infrequent occurrence. Today organizations are dealing with frequent and multiple crises at any given moment.

“Organizations today need more than a written plan, they need integrated issue and crisis management plans tailored to their unique needs and a user-friendly platform that is globally accessible 24/7,” said Deborah Hileman, SCMP, president of ICM.

Christopher Britton, COO of RockDove Solutions, said, “RockDove’s market-leading In Case of Crisis 365 delivers the technology that brings custom crisis management plans developed by ICM to life. Together, our products and services can deliver real-time tools designed for any-device accessibility.”

Ms. Hileman added, “Once crisis plans and tools are developed and loaded into the platform, ICM and RockDove deliver high-level implementation training that prepares management to anticipate and manage issues, mitigate crises and use the tools effectively to protect brand reputation.”

About the Institute for Crisis Management

Founded in 1990, the Institute for Crisis Management was one of the first U.S. consulting firms to specialize exclusively in issues/ crisis management and communications.  ICM’s planning, training and consulting services support organizations through all phases of an issue or crisis, from assessing risks and preparing for them, containing a crisis and mitigating damage with effective communications, learning from the event and seizing opportunities that arise from the crisis.

About RockDove Solutions

RockDove Solutions is the creator of the award-winning issues and crisis management software platform, In Case of Crisis 365. We are based in Washington, DC and help public and private organizations of all sizes (including some of the world’s most recognized brands) ensure the safety of their people, maintain their reputation, and the continuity of their businesses.

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