Rush Creative Launches in Dallas/Fort Worth, Led by Award-Winning Brand Innovator, Ben Rush

by | Feb 13, 2024

DALLAS (February 6, 2024)Rush Creative, the newest graphic design and branding firm in Dallas, is bringing the  talents of Ben Rush to the open market this spring. After more than two decades working for a variety of creative firms and in-house studios, he’s now available to partner directly with clients seeking top-tier design for their branding and marketing initiatives. 

Rush Creative “In my 24 years in this field,” Rush says, “I’ve helped organizations of all sizes create meaningful connections with their audiences through thoughtful, solution-oriented graphic design.” 

Rush has experience in crafting visually stunning logos, print media, environmental graphics, and information design, with work recognized by Print Magazine and the Dallas Society of Visual Communications.  

The opening of Rush Creative is fresh on the heels of his tenure at Dodd Creative Group, where he led branding, signage, environmental graphics, print, and web media projects for clients in the real estate sector. Prior to that, Rush oversaw the design and production of marketing campaigns, education materials, and overall brand identity for the nonprofit AT&T Performing Arts Center, which oversees the operations and programming at the Winspear Opera House and other Dallas Arts District venues. Rush has also taught graphic design courses at several universities in the Dallas area, including Southern Methodist University. 

“I think my diverse career path has been an excellent learning experience,” Rush explains, “not only refining my creative skills, professional knowledge, and technical expertise, but I’ve also absorbed a lot of business acumen, along the way.    

“One of the things I love most about my job is learning about a new client’s unique enterprise, and what makes their product special. Then working together to share that with the world!”  

He continues, “It’s one thing to be a good designer. It’s another to be a good partner — that requires the work, the will, and the wherewithal to truly understand your client. Then, you can start to connect your skills to their particular needs. And that’s where magic starts to happen. Together, you start uncovering hidden opportunities and increasingly creative, relevant, effective solutions.  

“What most excites me about this new venture is that it will give me opportunities to build those kinds of partnerships and discover more of those magical ‘ah-ha’ moments.” 

For more information, visit www.rushcreative.co or email info@rushcreative.co.

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