Signal AI Sharpens Reputation and Risk Capabilities with Acquisition of Social 360

by | Feb 15, 2024

London and New York, February 15, 2024 — Signal AI, a global leader in Reputation and Risk Intelligence, announces the acquisition of Social 360, an advanced reputation intelligence monitoring company currently serving an international client base in the USA, EMEA, and APAC.

The acquisition will integrate traditional, social, regulatory, and alternative data sources into one unified platform. Social 360 analyses billions of pieces of online content from more than 90 million sources, which will complement Signal AI’s industry-leading monitoring platform. Social 360’s data sets include a broad range of fast-moving online content and data, including social media, political and regulatory content, and emerging alternative platforms. The combined companies will deliver valuable, actionable, C-suite level intelligence that synthesises online data to help companies manage corporate reputation, mitigate corporate risk, and ensure they have the relevant information to advance corporate priorities.

Together, the two companies’ capabilities will provide a single source of relevant data, allowing clients to cut through the noise, navigate complex risks and opportunities, and elevate their reputation effectively. Similar to Signal AI, Social 360 partners with many of the world’s largest companies on risk mitigation and reputation analysis, as well as providing support in major crises. Complementing Signal AI’s leading premium media data, Social 360 has built the largest premium source list of online voices that can directly impact the reputation of any organisation. This delivers more than 2.3 million articles of reputational relevance from over 185,000 individual sources per month.

Key strategic benefits of the acquisition include:

  • Elevating Reputation Management: through its technology platform and team of seasoned analysts, Social 360 has pioneered unique ways to monitor the digital landscape, including influential organisations and people, to strengthen clients’ online reputation.
  • Proactive Risk Monitoring: Leveraging Social 360’s experience in monitoring and analysing online activity for major global brands, this partnership expands Signal AI’s risk intelligence capabilities. The fusion of new technology, human analysis, and diverse datasets positions the unified platform as the single source of intelligence for companies to stay ahead of potential risks and crises.
  • Integrated Data Mastery: This strategic alliance consolidates diverse data sources into a single, industry-leading source of truth for reputation and risk insights. This integration empowers companies to make more informed decisions and continually refine their strategies.
  • Expanded product offering: Social 360 will bring a number of new product offerings to Signa AI, including its corporate influencer monitoring tool. Social 360 also offers pharmacovigilance expertise, giving pharmaceutical businesses proactive monitoring and reporting of adverse events.

Commenting on the acquisition, David Benigson, CEO at Signal AI, said, “We are thrilled to welcome longtime partner Social 360 into the Signal AI family. With Social 360’s capabilities and billions of data points integrated into our AI-powered platform, we are creating a new standard for reputation and risk management.”

Ryszard Bublik, CEO of Social 360, said: “This deal will create a business that has a 360 degree view of online content across every channel, giving clients unique visibility of the issues that matter for reputation and risk. The coming together of our different, innovative data sets will create a new model for digital monitoring.”

Signal AI is a global leader in AI-driven reputation and risk insights. The company serves over 40% of Fortune 500 companies, analysing external data across 226 markets and 75 languages to navigate industry trends, manage reputational shifts, and mitigate risks. Social 360 is an online monitoring and analysis business focused on reputation and risk management. With more than a decade of experience, the company has supported global organisations, providing them with insights and actionable data from millions of online sources.

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