Social Media, National News, or Local TV News?

by | May 6, 2022

A nationwide survey by D S Simon Media found that social media and national news were far less trusted that local TV news. 85% of respondents had more trust in local TV news than social media regardless of party affiliation. 87% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats trusted local TV news more than social media, with 82% of independents feeling the same way.

“In this era of political polarization, it’s hard to find anything where Democrats and Republicans align on so closely,” says Douglas Simon, CEO at D S Simon Media.

Additionally, Local TV news was trusted more by 67% of respondents to 33% who found national news more trustworthy. While the majority of both Democrats and Republicans were more trusting of local TV news, there was a larger gap between the parties as 76% of Republicans favored local TV news compared to 58% of Democrats.

“Brands are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on advertising, marketing, and public relations each year. Given the high value placed on establishing trust, these findings are important to consider,” adds Simon.

The survey was conducted for D S Simon Media as part of an Omnibus Survey of 1,074 registered voters by Wick.io.

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