SourceCode Communications named Agency of Record for Heap and Speechmatics

by | Feb 12, 2021

SourceCode Communications, a New York-based technology communications agency, today announced it has been named Agency of Record for Heap, a product analytics solution that helps product, marketing, and customer success teams understand their users and make data-driven decisions, and Speechmatics, the UK leading provider of any-context speech recognition technology. Both companies help enterprises more efficiently understand and serve consumers in a time when customer loyalty is more hotly contested yet critical than ever.

“Advanced tech is becoming more and more necessary to an enterprise’s tech stack, and we’re excited to partner with companies using them to bring more value to businesses,” said Sara Ajemian, Vice President of SourceCode’s Insights & Engagement practice. “Both Heap and Speechmatics are leveraging cutting-edge tech – data analytics and machine learning, respectively – to strengthen the connections between companies and their customers. We’re thrilled to help them tell these stories.”

Heap and Speechmatics are part of the agency’s budding insights and engagements practice, a group of clients using emerging technologies to better understand and deliver seamless customer experiences. They join Koa Health, a digital mental health platform that offers personalized mental health solutions backed by science, and Jane, an online boutique marketplace giving a platform to small businesses.

Founded in San Francisco, Heap automatically collects and organizes behavioral data, allowing businesses to analyze and craft exceptional digital experiences. SourceCode is helping Heap develop a compelling messaging platform that sparks engagement across earned, owned and digital channels.

“We brought SourceCode on because of their deep understanding of the analytics space, but it’s the range of insights the team has across industry sectors that’s been crucial as we expand Heap’s presence across the media landscape,” says Ben Lempert, Head of Corporate Marketing at Heap. “We’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries with them in 2021.”

Cambridge-based Speechmatics powers applications that require mission-critical, accurate speech recognition. The company works with SourceCode, their first US PR agency, to drive media relations and thought leadership efforts in the American market.

“SourceCode has been instrumental in helping us put a stake in the ground in the US,” says Georgina Robertson, Speechmatics’ Senior Campaigns and Communications Manager. “We’ve been pleased with their proactivity, creativity and thoughtfulness, and look forward to what we’ll continue to accomplish through our partnership.”

SourceCode Communications, which recently celebrated its third anniversary, has become a leading player in the technology PR scene, most recently being named PRWeek’s 2020 US Outstanding Boutique Agency and included on PR NEWS’ 2020 list of Top Places to Work in PR. In addition to its insights and engagements practice, SourceCode also houses consumer and enterprise teams, working with clients such as Clio, a provider of cloud-based legal technology; America’s Best Beverage, the leader in specialty coffee roasting and tea production; and MakeSpace, a tech-enabled, full-service storage company.

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