Subculture appointed as Agency of Record for new Swiss watch brand DecideAndAct

by | May 7, 2021

Subculture, a subsidiary of luxury global marketing agency Issa PR, has been appointed as Agency of Record for DecideAndAct (d&a) a new responsible, high-quality Swiss watch company. For the first time, a finely crafted Swiss timepiece that supports peace, diversity and ecology in unison with NGOs, will tackle the current sustainable standards in the industry. d&a is founded by two industry powerhouses – Alexander Bennouna, former CEO for Victorinox Swiss Army Watch and VP Sales at Swatch Group, and Martin Riemer, who worked in trade and distribution for brands, including Cartier, Rolex, and Omega. They saw a gap in the watch industry for sustainability and will launch the world – and industry’s – first responsible collection and brand. Subculture will be handling the global launch initially in the UK and US, strategy, media relations, influencer marketing strategy and guerrilla marketing in both markets.

The new company aims to implement sustainable craftsmanship from sourcing to operations. Designed and made locally in Switzerland, special limited edition watches will be engraved with a unique unit number, with a sustainable manufacturing process, using renewable energy where all macro components are produced within a perimeter of 78km. The watch strap is vegan, made from Cactus leather and recycled PET fiber, and the packaging is reusable, biodegradable and also made of vegan bio sourced materials. d&a’s value chain prioritizes the regeneration of the ecosystem and its biodiversity. From the design to the engineering, sourcing to the manufacturing, each pivotal step has been designed to operate within ecological boundaries.

d&a will launch partnerships with a series of NGOs this year, with the aim to support a new type of responsible business that goes beyond green design and profit-sharing. Short-term profit plans are what lead to abuses that are harmful to the environment and vulnerable communities. d&a addresses the origin of the problem by making the community and the environment beneficiaries of their activity. They advocate for this in future collections, with each model in their upcoming Original Collection featuring engaged designs and pledging 10% to a cause the customer chooses and stands for. Additionally, each model in their Special Editions collection will be dedicated to specific projects with pledges of up to 30%. This value-based profit model is redefining the watch, taking it from an accessory to something that actually makes a difference.

“We are thrilled to select Subculture to launch DecideAndAct. We selected the agency due to their impressive work for clients around the globe, as well as their passion and knowledge of trends, CSR and philanthropy,” says Alexander Bennouna, CEO and Co-Founder of DecideAndAct. “We believe a better world is possible and that’s why our goal is for d&a to become a frontrunner in sustainable and responsible watchmaking. Our commitment to peace, diversity and ecology means offering more than just a product. Our watches are a statement of who we are and what we stand for. Fitted with reversible straps, the new watch allows people to diversify and promote their values for whatever occasion. d&a is rolling out a new way of doing business; one that offers more than just technical solutions. Transforming the world requires a mindset that looks beyond green design, recycling and sustainable processing. We want to see and be a part of meaningful change. If our watches alone cannot fix the problem then we want them to become part of the solution, by supporting a responsible business that commits to and puts peace, diversity and ecology at the forefront.”

‘’We are honoured to represent DecideAndAct for their launch of responsible, high-quality watches. Subculture’s mission is to create campaigns that excite, electrify and evolve cultural mindset. We’re proud to launch DecideAndAct to a global audience and help support their work with a cadre of NGOs. We believe in the importance of being responsible as a brand and supporting charitable organisations. Purpose-led campaigns are the future of the industry,” says Viet N’Guyen, CEO and founder of Subculture and Issa PR.

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