Survey by Vianews reveals curiosities about the communications market in Latin America

by | Oct 25, 2022

Comprising 20 countries with numerous socioeconomic and cultural particularities, Latin America encompasses a population of more than 640 million people, with a GDP of US$5.1 trillion in 2021 according to data from ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean).

With growth forecast of 2.6% in 2022, despite the numerous challenges still present in the region, such as economic inequality, in recent years factors such as the acceleration of the digital economy have turned the bloc into a target for large investments by some of the biggest players in the market.

During the Summit of the Americas in June this year, the CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, announced, for example, that Google will invest $1.2 billion in technology in the region, further boosting its economic growth.

In view of this expansion scenario, Vianews – a communications agency with over 37 years of history and operating in Latin America for 22 years – carried out a survey on the behavior of the communications area.

Data were collected from interviews with agency employees in five Latin American countries, namely Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Surveys released by some of its clients were also part of the analysis.

Below are the main results:

Segments that hire the most

According to the survey, the top industry verticals contracting communications services in Latin America are technology and consumer goods. In Mexico, the automotive, financial and aviation industries stand out. In Peru, the main sectors are beauty, fashion, and tourism.

Connected population

Another factor that attracts the attention of investors to Latin America is the massive digital transformation that has taken place in recent years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The numbers are impressive – according to a survey published by Coupon Válido, Brazil is the third country in the world regarding the use of social media.

On average, Brazilians are online for 3h42 a day, very close to Colombians, who spend an average of 3h45 a day.

However, countries like Mexico and Argentina are not far behind, with an average connection time of 3h27 and 3h22, respectively.

In turn, a survey carried out by Capterra, a client of Vianews, points out that the platform more frequently used in Brazil is WhatsApp, as 98% of respondents declared they are users of the app.

Bespoke communication

The top communications services offered by agencies and contacted by companies in Latin America include Public Relations, digital services, campaigns with digital influencers and events.

In Peru, for example, the strongest trend is marketing activation, with actions aimed at brand experiences. There are, however, some challenges that must be taken into account in the Peruvian market: mid-sized brands are still resistant to contracting services from agencies as they tend to think that PR and Digital Marketing are investments for big brands only.

In Chile, the strength is still the traditional media

With the advance of digital transformation, online media such as portals and niche vehicles, followed by newspapers/magazines and television also became the main media consumed by Latin American population. But in Chile, for example, online media has only gained traction recently, particularly during the pandemic. A curiosity of the country is that two large media conglomerates dominate the market: El Mercurio and Copesa.

Approach to journalists

Another particularity that must be considered is the approach taken by press officers to journalists. According to the Vianews survey, most Latin American journalists are usually approached by phone – especially via Whatsapp -, followed by a contact via email.

Also, in Mexico and Colombia, when sending a press release it is recommended that an illustrative image be attached as well, since journalists in these countries, in general need images provided by clients to illustrate their stories.

Key word in Argentina: networking

It is worth mentioning that interpersonal relationships also vary according to the country and its cultural characteristics. In Argentina, for example, journalists like brands and agencies to follow them on their personal social networks. In addition, Argentine journalists talk a lot among themselves, and in the case of a brand holding an event for a certain niche, it is advised to invite the largest number of professionals and not just a select group.

“This type of insight is extremely relevant for those who work with the communication of brands and companies in Latin America, as it helps us create assertive strategies, focused on each country’s local audience. The more customized the communication, both between the agency and its clients, as well as with the press and the general public, the greater the chances of the company obtaining the desired success and growth in its communications strategy,” says Pedro Cadina, founder and CEO of Vianews.

About Vianews

Vianews is an integrated communications agency. For 37 years, it has been developing creative and innovative solutions in Public Relations and Digital Marketing throughout Latin America, with the aim of transforming brands and people through strategic actions, focusing on great results for its customers in the B2B and B2C markets.

Elected the “Outstanding Agency of the Year” at the Jatobá Award 2021, Vianews has been given four Portuguese-Speaking Creativity Awards (2021), two Jatobá Awards (2018 and 2021) and three LATAM Sabre Awards (2020 and 2021). In addition, it also has two Certificates of Excellence for cases registered in the LATAM Sabre Awards 2019 and eight Certificates of Excellence for cases registered in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Jatobá Awards.

To learn more, visit https://vianews.com.br/ or follow our official profile on LinkedIN and Instagram.


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