Team Lewis Shifts Entry-level Criteria to Prioritize Attitude Over Formal Qualifications

by | Aug 10, 2022

TEAM LEWIS, the global marketing agency, announced that it will host its second cohort of RISE Academy in the U.S. this Fall. RISE Academy is a specialized program piloted by the firm as part of its diversity initiatives. It provides on-the-job training so delegates can earn as they learn. It is tailored for candidates fresh to the world of marketing, including career changers and non-graduates. It offers the freedom to choose a career path in the marketing industry without having a degree or relevant work experience. This announcement follows the successful completion of the first RISE Academy in August 2021, where all candidates were brought on as full-time employees.

RISE Academy reflects the company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity in its recruitment and talent development. In 2021, the firm was retiring the resume, letting candidates’ creativity guide their job search. The company removed all barriers to the hiring process, facilitating a conversation with candidates instead.

“Going from studying psychology to being a substitute teacher, I wasn’t sure what career path was right for me and I felt like I didn’t have the option to change course until I found this program,” said Gianna Dodgion, a former RISE candidate turned full-time employee at TEAM LEWIS. “Changing career paths can be scary and uncertain, but TEAM LEWIS gave me all the resources and support I needed to truly thrive in this position, despite my initial lack of experience in marketing. They took a chance on me, and now I’m a valued member of my teams servicing clients, and I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

TEAM LEWIS’ “New Rules” report conducted in support of HeForShe, revealed 51% of Gen-Z respondents considered a commitment to providing personal growth opportunities as the most important factor when evaluating a potential employer. The research prompted the agency to offer programs like the RISE Academy to meet candidates where they are in their personal and professional journeys by breaking down barriers that would otherwise exist.

“We’ve always known diversity fosters creativity and we’re willing to take actionable steps to flip the script on hiring,” said Christina Ioannou, Vice President of the U.S. Human Resources team at TEAM LEWIS. “Programs like RISE Academy are continuously shifting our recruitment mindset from focusing only on the hard skills to hiring for culture and creativity above all else. If you’ve got the right attitude, we’ve discovered that everything else is teachable, and that’s what we’re recruiting against now.”

As part of the RISE program, trainees will be able to earn and learn through training, certification, shadowing and a global work exchange program. They will be exposed to all facets of marketing and operating a strategic and creative consultancy.

The second cohort will begin on August 15, 2022. Visit teamlewis.com/riseacademy to learn more.

TEAM LEWIS is a global marketing agency built to help and inspire brands to grow. It provides a full spectrum of marketing, communications and digital services to deliver tangible business impact for clients. The company has over 500 staff across 24 offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America. www.teamlewis.com.


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