Testronic Signs Bubble Agency as Global PR Partner

by | Nov 9, 2022

Testronic, a worldwide provider of quality assurance, compliance and localization services to the television and film industry, announces that it has appointed Bubble Agency, a global PR, marketing and events specialist for the media and entertainment technology and services sectors, as its PR agency.

Effective immediately and building on its existing and expansive portfolio of clients across many verticals in the entertainment industry, Bubble Agency will be assisting Testronic’s Film and TV Group with its global media outreach, media relations and brand elevation.

Headquartered in Burbank, California and with offices in New York, New Orleans, London, Warsaw, Bucharest, and Belgrade, Testronic is a trusted testing and quality control / assurance partner to major Hollywood studios, production houses, broadcasters, and OTT streaming service providers, ensuring efficient and secure delivery of content around the world for over 20 years. Having grown from a handful of testers to a global team of visionaries, the company’s history delivers a timeline of innovation and service excellence across the digital media industry in the quality assurance space.

“As fast moving as this industry is, we feel fortunate to have Bubble Agency on board as our guiding strategic PR partner. We needed a global partner that excels in industry connection and offers an energized approach that connects with our company vision. Their experience, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the global media and entertainment marketplace will help us drive our narrative in a compelling manner,” comments Jason Gish, President of Testronic.

Kim Willsher, Head of Americas for Bubble Agency said; “We look forward to leveraging Testronic’s technology and services to deliver their integrated media messages to the marketplace and help elevate its brand. As a passionate and connected team, we are thrilled that our approach to PR and communications resonates with Testronic. Our partnership will be built on results-driven strategies to grow target market engagement as well as support Testronic’s business transformation.”

About Bubble Agency

Founded in 1999, Bubble Agency is the go-to global PR, marketing and events specialist for the media and entertainment technology and services sectors. Transforming businesses with its knowledge and network, the company is headquartered in London with offices in Los Angeles. Bubble Agency clients are behind the most iconic on-screen, live event, and AV experiences in the world.

For more information, visit: www.bubbleagency.com  

Follow Bubble Agency on Twitter at @Bubble_Agency

About Testronic

Testronic is an award-winning provider of testing services across the film and television and games industries, providing services that include content QC, software compatibility and automation, functional testing, localization and more. From its offices in the UK, Poland, US, Romania and Serbia, the company’s 1,500+ staff provide the expertise clients need to confidently launch new streaming originals, features, episodic tv and games. Testronic has been committed to quality for over 24 years, and has an unmatched reputation in both the film and television and games markets by valuing its people and clients above all else. Testronic is part of the Catalis Group, which also includes leading UK video games publisher Curve Games. https://www.testroniclabs.com/

About Catalis Group

Catalis is a provider of testing and publishing services to the video games industry. The Group comprises two businesses: Curve, a major publisher for third party indie video games, and Testronic, which boasts a premium position as a quality assurance service provider for many games companies around the world. https://www.catalisgroup.com

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