The Abbi Agency named Agency of Record for Silver State Health Insurance Exchange/Nevada Health Link

by | Apr 12, 2021

The Abbi Agency, an integrated marketing agency with offices in Reno and Las Vegas, Nev. has officially been announced as the agency of record for the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Exchange) and its consumer-facing online health insurance exchange known as, Nevada Health Link (NVHL).  In partnership with Marketing for Change and Ericka Aviles Consulting, The Abbi Agency is working with Nevada Health Link to execute its mission to reduce the number of uninsured Nevadans throughout the state.

The Exchange is the state agency that operates the online health insurance marketplace, which allows eligible Nevadans to compare, shop and purchase quality and affordable health insurance plans.

“We highly resonate with the Exchange’s commitment to offering affordable health insurance to all Nevadans who need it, and we are therefore thrilled to have the opportunity to spread awareness for this vital state organization and its initiatives,” said Abbi Whitaker, President and Founder of The Abbi Agency. “It is so rewarding to know that we will be putting our years of health and Nevada community expertise towards a great cause – expanding healthcare access for many residents across the Silver State.”

Nevada Health Link is the smallest operating Exchange and agency in the nation with plans of exponential consumer growth in order to critically increase the number of insured Nevadans overall. While Nevada was once a part of the federal marketplace, HealthCare.gov, the transition to its own state-based exchange means more control for Nevadans over their own health insurance premiums and swift policy decisions. With 153,000 uninsured Nevadans currently eligible for subsidized healthcare coverage, providing affordable health insurance to as many Nevadans as possible – especially through a service such as a health exchange – is increasingly important, and the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that point.

“Across the nation, health exchanges offer affordable health coverage for those individuals and families who maybe never had coverage previously. Locally, Nevada residents and small businesses have an opportunity to shop and compare qualified health and dental plans as well as determine eligibility for and receive subsidies on healthcare premiums,” said Janel Davis, Communications Officer at the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. “As we go full steam ahead to grow the impact of Nevada Health Link, having the unique powerhouse of three expert agencies working collaboratively, each dedicated to ensuring individuals have access to quality and affordable health coverage, is a great privilege.”

Through the national behavioral change communications expertise of Marketing for Change, the community outreach and Hispanic population mastery of Ericka Aviles Consulting, and the deep-rooted Nevada and healthcare knowledge of The Abbi Agency, the entire team is poised to activate awareness for Nevada Health Link and engage the growing population of Nevada, especially the Hispanic community, through a robust integrated marketing strategy to meet Nevada Health Link’s goal of insuring more Nevadans.

“I am ecstatic to partner with the team at The Abbi Agency and help them develop uniquely tailored multilingual and multicultural marketing campaigns to provide a timely and much-needed resource for our community,” said Ericka Aviles, owner of Ericka Aviles Consulting LLC. “We look forward to developing meaningful partnerships and outreach initiatives to increase the number of insured and protected Nevadans.”

“This partnership hits a  sweet spot as a research and creative agency anchored in behavioral science,” said Peter Mitchell, a principal at Marketing for Change. “We’ve been able to help support health insurance outreach nationally, in Florida, Minnesota and central Texas. We’re excited to help make it fun, easy, and popular for Nevadans to enroll in a health plan that works for them.”

The Abbi Agency’s depth of knowledge of both the state of Nevada and the healthcare industry will help drive its integrated advertising campaigns for Nevada Health Link on raising awareness on affordable healthcare options, clarifying misconceptions about state-led health insurance and the Affordable Care Act, changing perceptions about the value of health insurance and more.

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