The Brandman Agency’s new Travel Sentiment survey examines the Future of Press Trips

by | Aug 20, 2020

The Brandman Agency has released the results of a travel sentiment survey, as seen in the infographic below. These findings also informed the latest edition of The NOW by Brandman, which tackles the Future of Press Trips.

Key takeaways include that over half (53.5 percent) of media surveyed are ready to travel again, but that smaller and/or individual press trips will be key to engaging these media.

“So many of our media contacts and influencer friends—and us, frankly, as PR professionals—are feeling the whiplash from being on the road exploring destinations, hotels, and resorts multiple times a month to just a handful of trips, if any,” said Melanie Brandman, Founder and CEO of The Brandman Agency, in the report. “While our wanderlust may be pent up, there’s not a lot of FOMO to be had with the second wave of COVID-19 bringing new closures and restrictions. The how, where, when, and why of when we get back to hosting in-person press trips for our clients is changing moment to moment.”

The firm polled approximately 100 of its closest and most trusted editors and freelancers in July 2020, gauging their comfort level surrounding travel and, more specifically, being invited to travel as part of press trips. As the global pandemic continues to reshape the future of travel, they felt it was important to gather honest insight from journalists to ensure PR pros are accurately advising clients on this important and impactful tactic in travel PR.

Read the full report here.

The Brandman Agency’s new Travel Sentiment survey examines the Future of Press Trips

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