The Brooks Group Retained by The PURE Winery

by | Mar 16, 2020

Hello wine, goodbye sugar! The Brooks Group announced it has been retained by The PURE Winery, which is innovating the wine industry through a new category of zero-sugar and zero-carb wines that empowers wine lovers with alternatives that fit their active lifestyles.

The wine world is complicated so PURE is removing the complications by globally launching its four zero sugar, lower calories wines. Each of PURE’s four varietals are crafted from the finest grapes by master Italian winemakers in Piedmont, Italy. PURE’s wines include PURE Red, PURE White, PURE Sparkling White and PURE Sparkling Rosé and retails for $15-20 SRP. Each of the PURE wines are only 10.5% ABV and vegan, offering uncomplicated taste and PURE pleasure to health-conscious wine lovers.

The combination of zero-sugar and lower than usual ABV reduces calories by up to half as compared to other fuller bodied and sparkling wines. PURE uses established fermentation techniques with a unique family of yeast, which converts all natural sugars to alcohol, leaving you with a smooth taste without the sugar and carbs, and only 81 calories per 5 ounce serving.

The PURE Winery is currently available in Germany, Spain and Dubai, and is expanding distribution to 12 regional markets in the US at Total Wine & More retail locations including Virginia, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Texas, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and New York. PURE is also available in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC metro at select retailers, wine and liquor stores along with several restaurants and cafes. The company has plans to debut in Australia, other European markets, Asia and in additional U.S. markets and retailers. To find a retailer near you please visit https://thepurewinery.com/find-us/.

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