The oldest family in Moravian baking taps French/West/Vaughan to support launch of Moravian Bake Shop this holiday season

by | Dec 3, 2020

French/West/Vaughan (FWV), one of the nation’s 20 largest independently-held public relations and integrated marketing agencies, has been selected by Moravian Bake Shop to promote the bakery’s grand opening this holiday season in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Moravian Bake Shop is the newest venture of the Wilkerson family, the oldest family in Moravian baking in Winston-Salem, credited for how popular and beloved Moravian Sugar Cake and Cookies are today. Products baked and sold by the Wilkersons, including Moravian Sugar Cake and Moravian Cookies, have been Christmas favorites for decades in Winston-Salem and across the state of North Carolina. In conjunction with the launch of the new bakery, Moravian Bake Shop is opening two pop-up store locations for the holiday season.

With a focus on increasing awareness of Moravian Bake Shop, its history, products and retail locations, FWV will work with the brand to further solidify the Wilkerson family as the oldest name in Moravian baking as Moravian Bake Shop aims to lay the groundwork for future expansion.

“Moravian Sugar Cake, thin Moravian Cookies and other baked goods are synonymous with family and the holidays, and the Wilkersons are the ones who made them famous,” said FWV’s President and Principal David Gwyn. “We are thrilled to be working with a family and brand with such a rich history in North Carolina, home to the agency’s headquarters, and we are looking forward to further establishing the Wilkerson family as leaders in Moravian baking.”

FWV has already kicked off work on behalf of Moravian Bake Shop, with a focus on local media relations surrounding the pop-ups and launching the brand’s social media presence. The agency will also support the brand’s influencer marketing.

“With baking heritage dating back nearly a century, our family is passionate about Moravian baking and sharing the products we make – baked with devotion, honor, respect and holiday spirit – with our customers,” said Moravian Bake Shop Founder Dewey Guy Wilkerson III. “We are eager to work with FWV to not only spread the word about Moravian Bake Shop, but also allow us to share our Moravian baked goods with residents in Winston-Salem and across North Carolina.”

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