The Pollack Group launches ImPRessions, a new business podcast exploring marketing and public relations

by | Apr 18, 2023

The Pollack Group announces the launch of its new business podcast, ImPRessions. Hosted by Jennifer Lewis and Kalli Vetrano, senior professionals at the agency, the podcast is dedicated to exploring topics pertaining to the world of marketing and public relations, offering insights and advice to listeners in the industry.

The ImPRessions podcast will cover various topics, including branding, media relations, crisis communications, influencer marketing, and more. With each episode, listeners will hear the latest trends and developments in the marketing and PR industries, as well as practical tips and advice on succeeding in these dynamic fields. Each interview will welcome a prominent voice in the industry, focusing on trending topics and insightful information.

Upcoming episodes include PR Crisis Management: Learning How to Respond and React, Keeping up with the Social Media Jones’ and How PR Specialists and Journalists can Co-Exist, to name a few.

The show’s first episode will feature Celebrity Connection’s founder Barry Greenberg, detailing the challenging, yet fulfilling world of entertainment PR. Future guests include prominent journalists, C-Suite executives, and a roundhouse of entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts.

Co-host Jennifer Lewis said, “ImPRessions is a platform for us to share our knowledge and experience in the marketing and PR industry with the rest of the world. We’re excited to delve into a wide range of topics, from industry trends and innovations to tips for success and the challenges faced by professionals in the field.”

Co-host Kalli Vetrano added, “Our goal with ImPRessions is to provide listeners valuable insights and promote healthy discussion and debate around the complex and ever-evolving world of marketing and PR. By bringing together experts from across the industry, we can provide diverse perspectives and ideas that will greatly benefit our listeners.”

Kalli added, “We believe it’s important to showcase a range of voices and perspectives and create a space where everyone feels welcome to share their ideas and opinions. ”

The goal of ImPRessions is to become a must-listen podcast for marketing and public relations professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about these ever-evolving fields.

“With Jennifer and Kalli at the helm, listeners can expect to gain from their wealth of knowledge and experiences, an expanded acumen toward finding solutions for growth and successes,” said Stefan Pollack, President of The Pollack Group. “Whether you’re just starting in the industry or are a seasoned professional, we believe this podcast will provide listeners with valuable information and inspiration.”  Adds Pollack, “We invite you to join the conversation.”

ImPRessions is set to become a leading voice in the industry. The podcast will be available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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