The S3 Agency Launches Rebranding Campaign for Centenary University

by | Mar 1, 2019

The S3 Agency, the creative agency whose clients include BMW of North America, CarePoint Health and Franklin Mutual Insurance, announces today the launch of a rebranding campaign for Centenary University, a small private university in Hackettstown, NJ. Dubbed “The Future U,” the campaign features current Centenary students and the future careers for which the school is preparing them, thanks to the University’s focus on constantly evolving majors that are in step with emerging trends. “The Future U” campaign is breaking with outdoor, digital / social, and on-campus components.

“The Future U” campaign is the result of data-driven insights gleaned during The S3 Agency’s Brand Elevation process. Through procuring and analyzing first-hand research to determine what truly sets Centenary University apart, S3 developed a customized branding strategy that fueled the creative campaign concept.

“While there are many reasons that students thrive at Centenary, the University’s ‘X Factor’ was clear,” said Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency and Centenary University Alumnus. “Founded in 1867, this educational institution is about more than higher learning – it is about higher learning that genuinely prepares today’s students for the careers of tomorrow. By constantly monitoring trends and leveraging its small size agility to revise existing curricula and develop new ones in real time, students graduate from Centenary with more than a just a degree; they graduate with a plan to achieve their vision.”

The S3 Agency Launches Rebranding Campaign for Centenary University

The creative executions feature photos of current students, along with headlines that spell out the future careers for which Centenary is preparing them. These career headlines include Future Veterinarian, Future Studio Producer, Future Criminal Investigator, and many others. In a departure from the University’s traditional marketing design, this campaign features various solid-colored backgrounds that are both elegant and fun, upping the modern aesthetic. The new tagline boldly appears beneath the Centenary University logo in the form of a URL: TheFutureU.com. Encouraging a call to action, visitors to TheFutureU.com will learn more about the students in the campaign – and about Centenary, the “U” that helps students achieve their future.

“The Future U focuses on providing students the educational experience and skills to serve students in their careers now and as they move forward,” notes Dr. Amy D’Olivo, Associate Provost, Academic Dean, and an Associate Professor of Sociology at Centenary University. “At Centenary students are able to realize the best version of themselves and find success whether it be a first job, obtaining a graduate degree, or a certificate to be more competitive in the current marketplace.”

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