the10company Launches VOICES, Leadership and Communications Coaching for Women by Women

by | Mar 8, 2019

Today, enterprises across every industry have never been more committed to advancing the careers of women. Companies know attracting, growing and retaining diverse talent is critical to success. The business case for change is compelling: businesses are more profitable, more collaborative and more inclusive when they hire and promote women and name them to boards.

In light of this increased awareness and desire for action, the10company is launching VOICES, tailored leadership and communications coaching for female executives by senior female professionals with C-Suite experience, designed to grow women leaders’ influence and impact.

The programming covers a range of career-enhancing offerings, including Building Your Executive Brand; Perfecting Presence, Presentation and Persuasion; Coaching for Start-Ups and High Growth CEOs; Getting Ready to be CEO, and Preparing for Board Service.  VOICES is based on three principles:

  • Know the Rules but Play YourWay: Be true to who you are while being savvy about how to maximize every situation.
  • Overcome Female-Made Obstacles: Take control over your behavior; own your career.
  • Master the Art of Speaking Up:  Adopt best practices in how to tell your story and your strategies—in every circumstance.

Owned by Valerie Di Maria and Clare DeNicola, each with extensive C-Suite experience, the10company has a track record of helping senior executives and high potentials reach the next level. Clients have included Alcoa, BNY Mellon, Fannie Mae and Raytheon.

“We have been advising CEOs, C-Suite executives and other leaders for years, but the majority of our coaching candidates have been men,” said Di Maria, principal of the10company, “In this super heightened environment where companies are finally dedicated to helping women achieve their goals, it’s time that more female executives have access to special programs that deliver significant results. We’ve been told that our coaching has been a key factor in getting promoted and receiving better performance reviews.”

VOICES is conducted in teams or one-on-one by the two principals and specially selected senior coaches via in-person meetings, workshops, webinars or other online methods. The curriculum is tailored for each company and the needs of its female leaders, high potentials and other executives. In each instance, the coaches use their own experiences as women in the C-Suite to identify and solve challenges.

“We have seen first-hand the dynamics of executive interactions and the results of unconscious bias on women’s leadership opportunities,” said DeNicola, principal of the10company. “By focusing on female-forward strategies such as how to best contribute ideas in meetings to get heard, learning the art of bragging, and embracing risk taking, women can truly grow their influence and impact.”

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