Thompson & Co. Public Relations offers new services to advance inclusion, amplify BIPOC voices

by | Jul 23, 2020

To make sure Alaska’s storytellers are representative and brand messaging is inclusive to all Alaskans, Thompson & Co. Public Relations is announcing the development of a new division and suite of services.

The division, led by T&C’s Executive Vice President Gary Scott and Senior Culture & Content Strategist Thomas McIntyre, will raise the voices of Black, Indigenous, people of color as well as issues of inequality affecting marginalized groups.

“Alaska is such a diverse state, and a service like this is long overdue for our clients and communicators,” McIntyre said. “As a staff made up of both people of color and allies, T&C has firsthand experience and knowledge to bring to the table. I’m looking forward to exploring how we can help clients and help shape the conversation.”

Many T&C clients have leaned on the staff for guidance when it came to understanding and effectively responding to social media trends related to recent protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd. Out of this work, T&C developed a suite of services that will include:

  • Updating/creating activism-at-work policies
  • Counsel on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, including efforts to develop internal leadership and boards of directors
  • Counsel on diversity and inclusion in media sources
  • Counsel on inclusive messaging

“Diversity is integral within our agency and we’re committed to furthering our efforts to be more representative of our community; it adds to our understanding and creativity in finding solutions,” T&C’s President and CEO Jennifer Thompson said. “After George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent protests, we knew we needed to do more to help our clients navigate this authentically. It’s important to me that these conversations are not only inclusive, but are led by the affected voices.”

Currently, the diversity and inclusion counseling offered in Alaska is lacking. T&C is positioned to be the leader in providing dependable resources for the BIPOC community, as well as for state agencies, corporations, nonprofits and brands striving to update inclusion efforts and broaden reach.

T&C is the leading independent public relations firm in Alaska. Headquartered in Anchorage, with a second office in Houston, Texas, the agency serves clients in a wide range of industries from travel and tourism to the arts and sciences. Recognized for its creativity and drive, the agency has won several national awards for its innovative public relations campaigns.

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