Toluna launches Toluna Start, the first end-to-end, real-time consumer intelligence platform 

by | Sep 14, 2020

Toluna, a consumer intelligence platform and parent company of Harris Interactive and KuRunData, announced the launch of Toluna Start, an end-to-end platform designed by Toluna’s Innovation team comprised of forward thinking product and research professionals to help businesses make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Developed and built in collaboration with industry experts covering areas of data science, brand management, marketing and academics, Toluna Start is the culmination of Toluna’s two decades of market research expertise. Toluna Start, which integrates Toluna’s panel of 30+ million members, empowers clients to conduct high quality, real-time insights covering all quantitative, qualitative and data visualization needs to truly understand the full consumer journey.

“To deliver winning brand experiences that meet people’s demands, we need to ensure we’re continuously assessing and building, learning about our new ideas and products. Our insights team needs to be agile in how they gain deep insights, especially in today’s dynamic environment, and Toluna’s global team and flexible end-to-end platform help us to do that,” said Richard Thorogood, Vice President, Global Head of Consumer and Market Insights at Colgate-Palmolive.

“Toluna has revolutionized market research since its beginning, delivering speed and agility to an industry that historically conducted studies in months, not hours. Toluna Start is the culmination of two decades of technical innovation, award-winning methodology from Harris Interactive and shared learnings from our clients around the world,” said Frédéric-Charles Petit, founder and chief executive, Toluna. “Our signature digital solutions enhance research quality and achieve scale previously unimaginable for global brands, and we are excited to continue working with the world’s largest brands to deliver innovative solutions that empower clients of all sizes, and drive the industry forward.”

Toluna Start automated solutions makes sophisticated research easier while offering full flexibility.

Automated solutions built on best-in-class methodology are core to Toluna Start’s innovation. These solutions standardize programming and accelerate the time to insights while reducing the probability of error.  While the platform is methodology agnostic, it integrates Harris Interactive’s proven methodology into the automated solutions, which span market understanding, brand and communications, new product development, and advertising and creative testing.  The superiority of Toluna Start’s automated solutions is the flexibility to customize any step of the project, from questionnaire design to sample composition to the actionable insights dashboards.  Research projects are no longer limited to a small percentage of standardization, users are now able to automate and customize any part of the insights collection process.

Unmatched technology delivers world class research.

Toluna developed Toluna Start’s user interface with input from a wide range of customers and industry participants to help global brands solve the challenges of rigid, slow and complex traditional research platforms. The new offering incorporates functionality built on simplicity and speed, enabling users to start and analyze research projects immediately. Toluna Start gives clients the ability to interact with and build a comprehensive understanding of the constantly evolving 21st Century customer, and empowers them with:

  • End-to-end insights platform powering all research needs from instant surveys to a complex longitudinal community. Toluna Start has the solution you need to get the insights you need across surveys, communities, audiences and analytics.
  • The power of people, seamlessly integrating Toluna’s 30M+ deeply profiled global community to deliver instant, human responses across any market at any time.
  • Instant collaboration, with solutions that empower teams to share, learn and act for global synergies.
  • Interactive insights, delivering far more than just data, delivering insights you can act on in the moment through the use of AI and data visualization.
  • Quality you can count on, integration of proven research methodology including the ability to customize all solutions to fit your research needs.
  • Data flexibility, incorporating multiple sources and integrated insights that enable users to understand the entire customer journey.

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