Tourism Corporation Bonaire joins forces with Diamond Public Relations

by | Nov 9, 2020

With regular flight schedules available from Canada and the Netherlands, and conversations underway surrounding safely lifting restrictions for United States residents, the Tourism Corporation Bonaire has announced its new partnership with Diamond Public Relations LA in a targeted effort to drive awareness amongst these key market segments. However, this is not a short-term plan to rebound from the pandemic; the new partnership is part of a larger, long-term initiative to shine a light on Bonaire and its ecological and sustainable efforts, pristine under and above water attractions, and diverse luxury accommodation options.

Bonaire is an island that still offers an authentic experience—not one for the mass market and not one teeming with crowds—where travelers have access to secluded beaches, hidden hiking trails, clandestine culinary experiences, mangrove lined waterways, undisturbed reef systems, and more.

“Part of the strategy of Bonaire’s Tourism Recovery Plan is to focus on existing markets, approach a new market, and to increase the average expenditure of the visitors. The new partnership between Tourism Corporation Bonaire and Diamond PR will reinforce marketing actions to achieve these goals,” said Elvis Tjin Asjoe, Commissioner of Tourism and Economic Affairs of the Government of Bonaire. “As the Government of Bonaire we have committed ourselves to allocate funds and reinforce collaboration to position Bonaire as a safe tourist destination and to strengthen resilience from the effects of COVID19.”

With an extensive understanding of the region, Diamond PR will work hand-in-hand with Tourism Corporation Bonaire to develop and implement campaigns that capture the attention of the media across the US, Canada and Europe, with a strong focus in The Netherlands. The agency will amplify awareness of Bonaire by activating multi-faceted campaigns that include traditional media coverage, influencer programming, strategic partnerships, broadcast integrations, promotions and more, capitalizing on the trends that naturally fit the Bonaire experience.

“Sustainability is arguably one of the biggest trends in travel, amplified even further by current circumstances. Bonaire is ahead of the curve on this front with initiatives such as a master plan to control development and a long list of noteworthy conservation and restoration efforts. Travelers are shifting to appreciate this approach and be more conscious than ever. Bonaire should lead that storyline,” said Jody Diamond, president of Diamond PR. “On top of that, the island’s range of upscale villa rentals and boutique accommodation options, non-traditional wellness experiences, and the coveted experience of quiet exploration, will all bode well in the year ahead.”

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