Travel Lifestyle Network Meets in Cape Winelands Bringing Global Network Together to Discuss New Trends in Travel PR And Marketing, Appoint Board

by | May 9, 2023

Cape Winelands, South Africa (May 1, 2023) – Global travel and tourism PR specialists gathered in the Cape Winelands this week at the annual Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN) AGM.

Focused on the latest industry insights, shared learning and reconnections, and innovative tools being used in travel PR, Communications and Marketing, the event highlights the network’s global reach and commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving PR landscape.

From the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and tips, to mastering communication within PR teams to navigate the generational differences emerging within a workforce comprising no fewer than five generations for the first time, the TLN AGM brought members representing 30 markets together to address the trends that are shaping the industry and affecting agencies worldwide.

Further trends discussed included the business tools that any PR agency needs in their toolkit, how to create a compelling response to any RFP and a global approach to PR and Marketing on behalf of travel and tourism clients.

In addition to discussing these tools and trends, the AGM provided a platform for TLN members to forge global partnerships in the PR space. Recognising the power of collaboration, TLN aims to foster a strong network of agencies that can share knowledge, resources, and best practices to better serve clients and drive industry innovation. Delegates also spent time exploring the Cape Winelands and Cape Town

Having led the global network for several years, outgoing chair and director GroupExpression in France, Virginie Le Norgant, said it had been a great privilege to be at the helm of Travel Lifestyle Network these past few years.

“A truly global network of talented PR, marketing and communications specialists in the travel space, TLN has expanded its reach with representation now in such markets as Mexico, Indonesia and even Canada. It is my sincere belief that the new board will continue to expand the network strategically so that our mutual travel and tourism clients benefit from our global mindset and truly local approach,” she said.

The newly appointed board comprises:

  •         Americas: David Zapata, Founder and CEO Zapwater Communications
  •         Asia and Oceania: Anne Wild, MD Anne Wild & Associates
  •         Europe: Ruben Obadia, CEO Message In A Bottle
  •         Middle East: Isabel Tapp, Founder and CEO AllDetails
  •         Network Chair: Natalia Rosa, CEO Big Ambitions
  •         Honorary Chair: Hanna Kleber, President KPRN Network

“Global partnerships are the bedrock of our network’s continued success,” says Rosa, newly appointed chair of TLN. “Our AGM has been a wonderful opportunity for our members to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another so that they bring that knowledge back to their respective agencies and their team and clients reap the rewards.”

About Travel Lifestyle Network

Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN) is a global PR agency network specialising in travel and tourism, with over 21 members representing more than 30 markets. TLN provides a platform for independent agencies to collaborate and share best practices, enabling them to deliver exceptional PR services to clients around the world. For more information, visit www.travellifestylenetwork.com.

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