Trilligent, Virtual Boutique Agency Designed for Changemakers, to Launch in The Metaverse

by | Oct 18, 2022

Trilligent—a virtual boutique agency engineered to help fast-moving disruptors and changemakers within large companies operate, grow, lead and bring new ideas to market—will unveil its metaverse presence this week, Trilligent Chairman Evan Kraus announced.

“As a modern agency that is efficient, nimble and built specifically for discerning clients who desire speed, flexibility, innovation and tailored commercial setup, Trilligent can help innovators sustain their permission to operate through insightful counsel, unmatched access, compelling narratives and creative solutions,” Kraus said.

The invitation-only, 15-minute official launch event—with key information about Trilligent and opportunities to meet with its leadership—will be held virtually in the agency’s new Decentraland pavilion on Thursday, October 20 at 10 a.m. ET and at 10:30 a.m. ET.

Later this fall, Trilligent will launch its virtual headquarters in Meta’s Horizon Worlds.

“I trust and value Trilligent’s counsel, and as integrated members of our Meta team, they are able to move as quickly as we do,” Marc Johnson, vice president of corporate communication at Meta, said.

As a sister company of APCO Worldwide, Trilligent is supported by nearly four decades of success, bold independence and unique values and culture for which APCO is known worldwide. Trilligent’s presence in the metaverse is powered by theAPCO AI Comms Lab—a first-of-its-kind innovation center that utilizes AI-driven solutions to build and protect the reputations of major global brands, governments and organizations. Based in Dubai, AI Comms Lab helps clients through a data-driven scientific approach based on insights into how companies, organizations and individuals communicate and engage with audiences and, more fundamentally, how they operate.

Trilligent’s industry experts specialize in providing key insight and counsel around public affairs, technology policy, strategic communications, crisis management, market entry, research and global advisory services. Another key aspect of Trilligent’s strength is based on its lighter overhead—since it is fully virtual—and entirely value-priced services supported by Trilligent’s 30-member team.

In addition to Kraus, who also serves as the president and managing director of operations at APCO, the core Trilligent management team includes:

  • Managing Director, North America, John Cangany—based in Ann Arbor, MI, he specializes in corporate responsibility, sustainability and ESG strategy and program development. From setting climate goals to developing ESG programs and policies, he helps clients create and execute initiatives that improve their reputations and deliver positive impacts for their stakeholders and the planet.
  • Managing Director, Europe, Nadine Meliß—based in Berlin, she is a certified business coach with more than 15 years of experience in leading corporate affairs projects and teams and working in global environments. Her areas of expertise are corporate and executive positioning, reputation management, crisis communication and strategic consulting.
  • Chief Operating Officer Laura O’Leary—based in London, she has more than 15 years of experience as an operations and people generalist, with a focus on people strategy, leadership, ERP systems, change management and resource management.

To learn more about Trilligent, watch this introductory video.

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