UAE-Israel Business Council taps Steinreich Communications as Agency of Record

by | Oct 21, 2020

The UAE-Israel Business Council, comprised of business leaders from both nations to promote trade, innovation and cooperation between them, has named Steinreich Communications its agency of record to help promote the Council and its leadership through public relations.

The UAE-Israel Business Council was established by business and public sector leaders from the UAE and Israel this past summer to help foster shared opportunities, economic cooperation and business partnerships between Emiratis and Israelis. It is connecting Israel’s dynamic technology and innovation ecosystem with the UAE’s unique strengths in finance, trade and logistics in order to continue to build one of the most economically powerful regions in the world.

“Since the announcement of normalization and formation of the Council, we have experienced fast growth and we sought the assistance of Steinreich Communications due to their stellar reputation and close relationships with members of the media both regionally as well as internationally,” said UAE-Israel Business Council Co-Founder Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, who also serves as the deputy mayor of Jerusalem.

“As a result of the strategic counseling, media coaching and media coverage that the Steinreich Communications team has and continues to secure, we have seen more interest in our work from corporate partners,” said UAE-Israel Business Council Co-Founder Dorian Barak. “This has led to even more partnership opportunities between Emirati and Israeli businesses.”

In September, Steinreich Communications announced the formation of a new practice area within its corporate group that is working with clients in the United Arab Emirates and Israel looking to expand their businesses in both countries after the historic announcement of the normalization of relations by their national leaders only a few weeks ago. The specialty group, led by corporate practice Senior Vice President Ariella Steinreich, is working with leading businesses, nonprofits, healthcare and education clients in both locations to develop and implement communications strategies to help them grow their businesses and customer bases in the other market.

“We are honored to have been chosen by the UAE-Israel Business Council to assist them and help their members and indeed their nations as they continue on this important pathway to peace and prosperity for their people,” said Steinreich Communications President & CEO Stan Steinreich. “We believe that the sharing of information, education and economic ties between these nations will build stronger bonds between Israelis and Emirates. Our entire team is happy to play a part in this important program for the Middle East.”

Founded in 2003, Steinreich Communications represents some of the world’s leading corporations and consumer brands. It is one of the nation’s fastest growing, full-service public relations firms with offices in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, High Point, London, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv.

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