Uber launches #GratefulUK campaign with TAKUMI to support NHS and HSC staff this Christmas 

by | Dec 23, 2020

This Christmas, Uber is launching its #GratefulUK campaign in partnership with leading global influencer marketing agency, TAKUMI.

Uber launches #GratefulUK campaign with TAKUMI to support NHS and HSC staff this Christmas The campaign will be spearheaded by social media creators and artists recruited by TAKUMI. The seven participating creators have been selected for their strong emotional connections to the National Health Service (NHS) and Health and Social Care (HSC) and have been briefed to produce bespoke artwork in an expression of gratitude to our health services for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic on behalf of the UK.

The artwork will be promoted in a combined social media activation on Instagram and Twitter and an out-of-home activation, appearing in a cover wrap in the Metro newspaper on Thursday 17th December and in a digital projection onto London North West University hospital – one of the hospitals most affected by the first wave of the pandemic in the UK.

Alongside this activation, Uber is committed to offering all NHS and HSC staff up to 200,000 free rides and over 80,000 free meals through Uber Eats between 23rd-27th December 2020, traditionally one of the busiest periods for healthcare workers.

The campaign is designed to highlight the incredible efforts of the NHS and HSC and to support artists at the end of a challenging year. The creator artwork is also expected to drive user-generated content, with Twitter and Instagram users invited to produce their own messages of thanks on social media using #GratefulUK. The artwork will be collated and shared with healthcare workers nationwide who claim a free ride or meal over the Christmas period. Selected contributions will also be nominated to feature in the outdoor digital projections.

The campaign is TAKUMI’s first partnership with Uber and also its first collaboration with creators across out-of-home and print media channels. It is the latest example in a growing trend of brands increasingly investing influencer marketing spend in multi-platform campaigns and incorporating influencers into other channels beyond social media.

Uber launches #GratefulUK campaign with TAKUMI to support NHS and HSC staff this Christmas According to TAKUMI’s recent whitepaper research – Into the Mainstream: Influencer Marketing in Society – the majority (57%) of marketers across the UK, the US and Germany have now worked with influencers on multi-platform campaigns. And they are allocating a greater proportion of their resources to influencer marketing than they were a year ago, with the highest rates of increase across ‘Out Of Home’ (OOH), digital and billboard advertising (83.3%), print (80%) and TV & Radio (81.3%).

Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO at TAKUMI, adds: “At the end of a challenging year, #GratefulUK is a joyous celebration of creativity, empowering creators to share their heartfelt support for the NHS and HSC through art.

“Above all, we prioritised authentic content and creative output to deliver the campaign message. We identified passionate creators – both on and off social media platforms – who had genuine connections to the NHS and HSC, and we helped share their message of thanks across multiple channels for maximum effect. A campaign of many firsts for TAKUMI, but certainly not the last. Other brands will surely follow Uber’s lead and join the growing trend towards using micro-influencers and traditional marketing channels for influencer activity.”

Uber launches #GratefulUK campaign with TAKUMI to support NHS and HSC staff this Christmas @Foxanne_, Instagram creator, concludes: “I was honoured to be approached to take part in the #GratefulUK thank you NHS Uber campaign. Throughout lockdown the NHS have really helped my family, I have a little brother who has autism and the lockdown has affected his mental health, like many others. My little brother has been given therapy and someone to talk to through the NHS which has been a big help. I’m forever grateful for what the NHS staff have done for the UK, my family and myself. Thank you to all the NHS staff who have been working tirelessly through this pandemic. I am forever grateful!”

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