UK Community Foundations appoints The PHA Group 

by | Jun 3, 2020

The PHA Group announced its appointment by UK Community Foundationto launch a profile raising campaign in 2020.

The PHA Group’s award-winning Third Sector team has been tasked with a campaign to build the profile of UK Community Foundations, in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic that has had a devastating effect on the sector across the UK in recent months.

The brief highlights UKCF as an agile network that reaches into every corner of the UK. The organisation wants to highlight that community foundations are well-placed to provide emergency relief because they understand the needs of their local populations and convene with relevant partners and can mobilise quickly. In the current environment community foundations have never been more important to support those in need across the country.

UKCF appointed The PHA Group because of the team’s experience and successful track record of working with established charities, their key stakeholders and partners as well as their management teams over the years.

Rosemary Macdonald, Interim CEO of UK Community Foundations, said: “We are excited to be working in partnership with The PHA Group who have a fantastic track record of supporting third sector organisations raise their profile in the media. Never before have our network of community foundations been more needed as they respond across the country to support communities through the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to working with The PHA Group to promote the collective impact of community foundations and showcase their agility, innovation and collaboration as leading place-based funders.”

Stuart Skinner, Divisional Managing Director at The PHA Group, said: “It is fantastic that we have been appointed by such a respected organisation like UK Community Foundations. The work they do all over the country in helping local charities access the funds they need for important projects that can help those who need it is important work. The whole team here is delighted to be working closely with UKCF and hopes to promote the organisation’s good work with their network in the coming months.”

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