University of Florida Launches Internal Communication Research Hub

by | Sep 3, 2023

GAINESVILLE, FL. (Aug. 28, 2023) — The global pandemic has thrust internal communications into the forefront of organizations, as companies and their leaders are realizing how important it is to keep their employees informed, connected, motivated and engaged.

To address organizations’ need for communication strategies grounded in research and guided by practice, the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications has launched the Internal Communication Research Hub (ICRH) led by Public Relations Professor Linjuan Rita Men, a renowned expert in the areas of internal communication, employee engagement, leadership communication and emerging technology.

Men’s research spans the breadth of internal communication issues, including employee engagement, employee-organization relationships, leadership communication, organizational culture, change communication, social media, internal reputation and employee advocacy and communication behaviors.

“The ICRH provides a unique research and networking opportunity for academics and professionals with expertise and interest in internal communication and public relations,” Men said. “By fostering cutting-edge research, promoting scholarly collaboration and facilitating industry partnerships, we aim to advance research and best practices in internal communication and workplace wellbeing.”

The ICRH will study the intersections of leadership, communication, culture and technology; investigate critical contexts such as change, crises and cross-borders for internal communication; and explore the implications for organizational external relations and business performance.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Research. Conducting cutting-edge research to solve real-world problems and enhance best practices in internal communication.
  • Education. Providing education, training and resources to anyone interested in internal communication to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Partnership. Building partnerships with other organizations, thought leaders and experts globally to share knowledge and foster collaboration.
  • Thought leadership. Becoming a thought leader in internal communication by publishing research, speaking at conferences and sharing insights with the broader industry and community.

The ICRH team includes a mix of UFCJC faculty, students and alumni with expertise in the growing field of internal communication. In addition, the hub has established the Thought Leadership Circle, currently comprised of more than 30 distinguished thought leaders from around the globe that share a passion and commitment to advancing research and promoting best practices in internal communication.

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