Uproar PR invests in employee training and development to benefit current employee growth and retention

by | May 6, 2021

Uproar PR announced its investment in new training and development for all current and future employees. Based on feedback from its employees during this COVID pandemic, team members were looking for ways to increase their professional development while losing some of the in-person learning that happened prior to the work-from-home world. After six years with Uproar, Courtney Calderon was promoted to Vice President of Internal Communications to lead this charge.

“Despite the pandemic, our company experienced rapid growth this year,” said Uproar CEO, Catriona Harris. “We recognized that a new role, focused on employee engagement, training, and support was needed to not only interpret and promote our culture, values and mission, but also provide more comprehensive professional development opportunities for everyone. We want our employees to stay and grow their career with us, and so we see the Internal Communications role as a long-term investment in our teams.”

Calderon began her career at Uproar as an Account Coordinator and was later promoted in succession to Account Manager and Account Director.

“Courtney followed a path we hope all employees follow,” said Harris. “Our employees are our biggest asset, and by investing in their development and training through every stage of their career, we’re also investing in the future of our company, our sustainable business growth, and our success as a global public relations agency.”

In addition to leading teams and managing the agency’s healthcare and B2B tech clients during her six-year tenure, Calderon designed and implemented several professional growth programs for employees that helped team members develop and hone their own strengths, cultivate media and client relationships and ultimately find the same long-term success she experienced at the agency.

“When Courtney expressed interest in focusing more on leading the culture, training, and development of our teams, we knew she would be the perfect person to fill the Internal Communications role,” said Harris. “She had already demonstrated a passion for supporting employee development plans and had been mentoring employees for several years as an established leader.”

Recognized as one of the “best places to work,” Uproar keeps a two-way communication loop open with employees which helps leaders regularly assess and support needs. In addition to an annual workplace satisfaction survey, teams are also engaged in quarterly, more intimate discussions regarding work-life balance, growth opportunities and overall job satisfaction.

Previous employee feedback has led to a private Facebook page and cloud-based chat systems to keep employees connected and engaged throughout the workday, regular teambuilding games and giveaways, company annual retreats, half-day Fridays, welcome parties for new employees, and most recently, the Vice President of Internal Communications role to support requests for more training and career development.

“After growing within Uproar for the last several years, I’ve had first-hand experience navigating the daily challenges and triumphs of agency life,” said Calderon. “My goal is to use that perspective to focus on employee happiness and wellbeing and serve as an ongoing support system. By driving development and building a learning environment that accommodates the digital shift in our business, we’ll keep an already-strong company culture going, with a solid foundation for future growth.”

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