Vericast Bolsters NXTDRIVE Performance Using Client Feedback

by | Mar 6, 2024

Client insight informs and enhances industry’s first customer data marketing platform

SAN ANTONIO, March 5, 2024 — As part of its client-first approach, Vericast leveraged real-world use cases from key retail clients during beta development to bolster NXTDRIVE, the advertising industry’s only customer data marketing platform (CDMP) that combines first-party data management and marketing activation from a single partner and solution across print and digital channels.

Vericast teamed up with American Furniture Warehouse, Family Farm & Home, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Schewels Home, and Verizon retailer Victra to serve as trusted “client advisors” over one year during NXDRIVE’s beta development to test, learn, and retest the platform for optimal performance.


Vericast teamed up with American Furniture Warehouse and other retail clients to serve as trusted “client advisors” over one year during NXDRIVE’s beta development to test, learn, and retest the platform for optimal performance.

Vericast selected clients to participate in the advisor program based on their data challenges,  data management capabilities, marketing team size, and more. Collectively, NXTDRIVE advisors have worked with Vericast for more than 70 years.

From initial vision of the marketing technology software platform to its recent commercial launch, together the group has provided real-time feedback leading to hundreds of process and product improvements, more efficient workflows, UX design changes, and more.

“Early and ongoing client feedback was critical in our development of NXTDRIVE, said Marc Mathies, senior vice president, NXTDRIVE at Vericast. “Through client advisor feedback, we better understood individual and industry challenges while continually refining and strengthening our offering for better outcomes.”

American Furniture Warehouse (AFW), NXTDRIVE’s first client advisor, wanted to expand its customer base focusing on Texas and Arizona. Through NXTDRIVE’s integrated technology stack, Vericast enriched the retailer’s first-party customer data with information from proprietary audience modeling and targeting technology. The combination revealed an opportunity for geographic expansion that pinpointed and engaged look-a-like audiences within a 40-mile radius. As a result of using NXTDRIVE, AFW saw a nearly 55% boost in sales, a $352,000 revenue increase, and nearly a 7:1 return on ad spend.

“The industry is experiencing a fundamental shift in marketing technology, with first-party data at the forefront, said Nikki Vaughn, marketing director, American Furniture Warehouse. “Advertising has become more of a science than an art, and how we engage with customers, how we learn about them and their preferences, and how we uncover opportunities from our greatest assets has become foundational to our planning efforts. We viewed NXTDRIVE as a path to better connecting our first-party data for more performant marketing. As a client advisor to the NXTDRIVE team, we collaborated to solve tough marketing challenges with data-centric solutions. Early results of this partnership have been instrumental in helping us uncover new markets that we had previously not considered, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.”

NXTDRIVE harnesses the power of machine learning and Vericast proprietary data and technologies to unify, clean and enrich a client’s first-party data.

The marketing technology platform was built by marketers for marketers to solve industry challenges with customer data. Among them include:

  • limited IT and other resources
  • a desire for a more holistic customer view
  • a better understanding of the customer journey
  • data consolidation, cleaning and fulfilling incomplete customer data
  • consistent measurement across all media campaigns

To learn more about NXTDRIVE, visit www.vericast.com/NXTDRIVE.


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