Version 2.0 Expands Client Portfolio with Building Engines & Plymouth Rock

by | Jan 13, 2020

Version 2.0 Communications (V2), the public relations and digital communications firm for disruptive brands, continues to grow its portfolio of and experience with technology clients in the commercial and residential real estate space with the recent addition of two Boston-based companies, Building Engines and Plymouth Rock.

Building Engines, the leading building operations platform for commercial real estate owners, operators and occupants, enables customers to deliver an exceptional building experience and tenant satisfaction, while maximizing efficiency and profitability. As Building Engines entered major growth mode over the last several months, and continues on this path via a build, buy and partner growth strategy, the company brought on V2 to articulate its vision and establish it as an innovator in the building experience category, one of three key platform areas driving the hot commercial real estate technology space.

The public relations strategy is focused on meeting these objectives with a news program that highlights key business milestones. V2 will establish Building Engines’ executives as thought leaders on issues pertaining to innovation in the real estate industry and improving work in the building operations category, while also executing a speaking and award program for the company, its executives and select customers. Additionally, V2 led efforts to update the company’s messaging.

Plymouth Rock, the customer-first, data-driven home and auto insurance provider of choice for the Northeast, gives people peace of mind when protecting the most important assets in their lives. V2 has a long history working with Plymouth Rock, and this year, as the company looked for an agency to help launch its disruptive new home insurance product, @Home, it looked no further than V2 based on its past relationship with the agency and V2’s success in bringing innovative technology solutions to market.

The goal of the PR program is to build awareness of Plymouth Rock’s new home insurance product, which enables homeowners and agents to purchase a home insurance policy in five minutes—a departure from the archaic approach traditional home insurance carriers take and is backed by expertise and financial strength that Insur-Tech startups can’t match. The agency will target both homeowners and independent insurance agents across the six states in which Plymouth Rock operates (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania).

The news comes on the heels of several recent milestones V2 has achieved, including being named a Top Place to Work by PRNEWS and the expansion of its Global PR Agency Network.

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