Vianews Agency Expands its Portfolio with New American Client Automation Anywhere

by | Aug 10, 2022

Vianews – a renowned Communication and Digital Marketing agency from Brazil, with over 35 years on the market – has been chosen by American company Automation Anywhere, a supplier of process automation solutions, to oversee its Public Relations businesses in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

The agency, which has been expanding its presence overseas, has also acquired other key accounts to its portfolio in the first half of 2022, such as Social Digital Commerce, Vigor, Schott, Endava and Capterra.

Pedro Cadina, co-founder and CEO of Vianews, trusts the partnership with Automation is a confirmation of the growing expansion of the agency’s presence in Latin America.

“Automation Anywhere grows fast in the RPA segment, thus needing a communications solution with global standards and local expertise for Latin America. That’s when they reached out to Vianews. With our extensive know-how in technology and established local presence, we developed a creative and successful communications plan for the brand, covering Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.”

Automation Anywhere is the No. 1 cloud automation platform, providing automation and process intelligence solutions across all industries globally, to automate end-to-end business processes for the fastest path to enterprise transformation.  The company offers the world’s only cloud-native platform combining RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics, automating repetitive tasks, and building enterprise agility. Thus, freeing people’s time to work on the next big idea and build deeper customer relations that drive business growth.




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