Vianews Announces Rebranding

by | Jun 29, 2022

Vianews, a communication agency known in Latin America for 37 years that has among its clients Zoom, Meta, Vigor, and DOW, announced rebranding with a new visual identity, website, a logo redesign, and, especially, restructuring its values and positioning in the communication and digital marketing market.

With creativity and innovation as the main pillars, this new phase of the agency follows the recent announcements of the market and integrates Vianews DNA,

In this new moment, the main objective is to show two faces of Vianews – for clients, an integrated, modern, and updated agency option on the market, which brings together the expertise of Public Relations, the excellence of its Digital Marketing vertical, and stands out with international awards, and for innovation, which gains a vertical for diverse, creative, and exclusive projects.

“Vianews is emerging from the pandemic stronger, bigger, more diversified, and consolidated in Latin America. We are approximately sixty employees working across the region in different fields of communication and digital marketing, supporting important global brands in technology, telecommunications, energy, and finance. It is a group that is increasing its standards and assertiveness for initiatives”, said Pedro Cadina, CEO and Founder of Vianews.

The new positioning also presents the agency’s advances as an employer brand. Highlighting non-negotiable values by providing a collaborative environment between teams and transparency in its processes, Vianews promotes inclusion and diversity as essential initiatives to enhance its creations and innovation. “For this moment, we needed to express the collaborative environment, our importance, and our passion for transparency, sustainability, and inclusion. These are the features that motivate us in the innovative communication, transforming brands and people”, concludes Cadina.

The entire process of internal and external research, construction of the new visual identity, and the official rebranding was carried out internally, among the agency’s Leadership group, with the support of the Digital and PR teams.

“Vianews has always known its essence and its purpose, but it has never consolidated it into a beautiful and important work as it is now. With all the evolution and growth that we have had in recent years, this was the perfect time to show the world who Vianews is and how it is possible to transform brands and people through positive, collaborative, innovative, and transparent communication”, said Gabriele Pinho, Brand Marketing Coordinator at the agency.

About Vianews:

Vianews is a communication and digital advertising agency that for 37 years has been developing and implementing creative and innovative solutions for its clients in Latin America. Elected the “Distinguished Agency of the Year” in the Jatobá Award 2021, Vianews also has four trophies in the Lusófonos de Critividade Award (2021), two trophies in the Jatobá Award (2018 and 2021) and three trophies in the LATAM Saber Awards (2020 and 2021), in addition to two Certificates of Excellence in cases registered in the LATAM Saber Awards 2019 and eight Certificates of Excellence for cases registered in the Jatobá Awards in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Do you want to know more about us? Access: www.vianews.com.br

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