Video Smart Lock Maker Gate Labs Hires Diffusion as PR Agency of Record

by | Feb 21, 2020

Gate Labs, a smart lock maker that produces the world’s first all-in-one video smart lock, has selected Diffusion as its public relations agency of record. Diffusion is responsible for all corporate and consumer media relations as it works closely with the brand to raise awareness of its next generation smart lock.

As the appointed agency of record for Gate Labs, Diffusion will coordinate with the brand to build its profile as a leader in the smart home industry, touting its unique position as the only all-in-one video lock solution. The PR program will support Gate Labs as it releases the Generation 2 smart lock and rolls out more features across its product lineup. Diffusion will help Gate Labs drive awareness around these new products and improvements by way of a product seeding program to allow reporters, influencers and reviewers to test the smart lock’s thoughtful design for themselves.

The Gate Labs smart lock is user-friendly and easy to install; its design is a harmonious marriage of security and convenience. With a bevy of patented features, never before seen in a device of its kind, the Gate Labs video smart lock offers unique real-time video and voice capabilities, is easily controlled via an app, and makes it easy to grant permanent or temporary access to guests via PIN codes. Gate Labs puts the homeowner at the head of their smart home, and acts as a seamless, all-in-one security solution right at their front door.

Danial Ehyaie, CTO and Founder of Gate Labs, commented: “It’s not uncommon for smart homes to have multiple smart devices, all with the express purpose of managing access to the home: think a smart lock, security camera, doorbell and an intercom. A more complicated system, with more moving parts, is more likely to fail. I founded Gate Labs to simplify home security and make keeping your loved ones safe easy and convenient. For us, it’s key that we have a PR partner that understands how our brand and product fit into the smart home landscape, and that made Diffusion an easy choice for us.”

Kate Ryan, U.S. Managing Director at Diffusion, commented: “At Diffusion, we have deep experience in the smart home and Internet of Things space. We’re leveraging that experience and provden track record of media relations success to make the Gate Labs video smart lock the device that every homeowner knows about. The Gate Labs video smart lock makes the smart home actually smart, and is poised to change how homeowners manage access to their homes and protect the things they value most.”

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