ViralGains Sees Record Breaking YOY Growth by Tailoring Ad Journeys Based on Real-Time Sentiment and Behavior

by | Jan 17, 2020

ViralGains, a leader in intelligent ad journey orchestration, announced that in 2019 it saw exponential year-over-year (YOY) growth across various industries, including a combined 620 percent increase in retail and apparel and a combined 118 percent increase in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Last year, ViralGains saw an impressive response to the launch of its new software as a service (SaaS) platform, ViralGains Odyssey, which contributed to the company’s soaring success in 2019. ViralGains Odyssey allows marketers to leverage the voice of the customer to drive smarter advertising outcomes that directly impact the bottom line.

ViralGains also partnered with MAGNA and IPG Media in 2019 to conduct a study, which tested traditional exposure-only ad strategies and found that over 50 percent of all digital impressions may be wasted on people who will never consider buying from the brand. Concurrently, the study found ViralGains’ ad journeys doubled brand trust and likelihood to take action by capturing and responding to the voice of the customer.

A consumer-centric approach to video advertising is the core tenet of ViralGains Odyssey. This powerful approach – tailored to the way consumers consume media digitally—creates a more relevant, engaging and valuable advertising experience for people based on how they feel, helping advertisers talk with prospective customers rather than at them.

“We are excited by the nearly 100 Fortune 500 brands who have joined us as we reimagine advertising with the voice of the customer leading the way,” said Tod Loofbourrow, CEO of ViralGains. “By engaging viewers in real-time and understanding how they think and feel about a brand, advertisers can better measure and improve the impact their advertising has on return on investment. We’re looking forward to helping more and more brands revolutionize their advertising in the year ahead.”

In tandem with ViralGains’ exponential growth in 2019, the company also recently promoted Safaa Lafnoune to Vice President of Product, Brian Mulderrig to Vice President of Sales, and Michael Lubavin and Alex Reuter were named as Directors of Engineering. Additionally, Kelsey Fritz was recently hired as Marketing Manager. Beth LaPlante was also hired earlier this year as Director of Customer Experience. ViralGains will continue to expand its team in 2020.

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