Warschawski Releases Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Explainer Video

by | Jul 18, 2018

Warschawski, a full-service advertising, marketing, digital, public relations, branding, web design, VR/AR, videography and photography, creative and crisis communications agency, has released a video that provides people with the basics of how cryptocurrency and blockchain work and how both can serve as useful tools for businesses and institutions.

In a Q&A with Lukas Sieber, Vice President of International Marketing at Warschawski and a noted expert in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, both simplifies and answers common questions surrounding this innovative market. Sharing his thoughts on how blockchain is disrupting the tech industry, as well as potential pitfalls, Sieber provides a vision for how this technology could lead future generations into a frictionless society.

“Cryptocurrency has seen a vast range of change over the years, with BitCoin reaching its ultimate high of $20,000 this past December and then falling drastically thereafter to $6,500-during the past month,” recounts Sieber. “While the variants are extreme and unpredictable, I believe blockchain is a noble technology. It is the future.”

“Lukas is an invaluable asset to Warschawski as his expertise in blockchain and crypto furthers our ability to be a one-stop service provider for any industry,” said David Warschawski, CEO of Warschawski. “With Sieber’s depth of knowledge and experience coupled with Warschawski’s full-service offerings in marcom, we are extremely well positioned to serve clients within these markets.”

Lukas is a thought-leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, and continually at the forefront of discovering innovative and cutting-edge technologies. He was a featured speaker at the Blockchain Summit 2018 and countless other blockchain and crypto conferences.

Watch the video below;

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