WE Communications Appoints Ray Page to Lead Integrated Services in North America

by | Jul 16, 2018

WE Communications announced the appointment of Ray Page as executive vice president and director of Integrated Services, North America. The hire reflects the agency’s continued investment in a digital offering that can help brands in motion more effectively engage key stakeholders across the media ecosystem. WE’s digital, data and analytics capabilities span 20 offices and include work with clients such as McDonald’s, Volvo, Microsoft, Honeywell, iRobot, RSA, Trend Micro, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and VSP Global.

“WE already has incredible digital expertise in place,” said Page. “I look forward to helping further establish it as an epicenter of creativity—where at every opportunity, we’ll look at ways a brand tells stories and connect those stories with brand actions. In other words, we’ll show how those stories are connected to a brand’s digital expression.”

Page brings 20-plus years of digital marketing expertise to WE, coming most recently from POSSIBLE, where he served as executive creative director. Over his career, Page has worked with clients across tech, consumer, health, professional services, travel, luxury goods and other categories on numerous brands, including Microsoft, Amazon, Adidas, P&G, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola and many more.

“Ninety percent of our top 20 clients are engaging us for digital work, so we continue to aggressively evolve our capabilities to meet—and even be ahead of—the needs of today’s brands and consumers,” said Kass Sells, president, North America, WE Communications. “The media ecosystem continues to undergo dramatic reinvention, and Ray will be at the forefront of helping to ensure our clients consistently experience data-led ideation, integrated campaigns, content and strategies.”

In his new role, Page will oversee the agency’s digital capabilities, including planning, social, creative, content and technology in North America. He will be based in Seattle.

Page’s hire comes on the heels of two other recent leadership additions in data and analytics, Jun Quintana as Insight & Analytics (I&A) vice president, North America, and Ivy Esquero as I&A director, APAC. Both have deep experience in analyzing consumer and media audiences, as well as building analytics teams.

“We are passionate about providing our clients with industry-leading analysis, insights and custom solutions that provide a real-time pulse on their brand’s motion,” said Jennifer Granston, Global COO and president of I&A. “These leaders’ experience brings our clients not only greater access to dissecting data but a deeper understanding of how to make the data actionable in engaging their customers.”

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