The world’s response to Rolling Stone’s Justin Trudeau profile [heat maps]

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Analysis, Media Monitoring, Social Media, Twitter

When Rolling Stone’s Stephen Rodrick wrote his August cover piece fawning over Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, he was likely anticipating some backlash from right-of-centre readers. What he was likely not expecting, was an international response over heavy-handed comparisons to US President Donald Trump, corrections on easily avoided mistakes about Canada, and reactions to awkward descriptors of Canada’s young leader.

Outlets were quick to cover the developing story, with over 200 online articles on the topic the very next day. Most noted Trudeau’s progressive credentials, while others thought Rodrick, at times, sounded less journalistic and more fan-boy. Across the spectrum, however, most seemed to agree with the Toronto Star’s assertion that the article “gazes fondly, but not deeply, at Justin Trudeau.

Beside the fact that Trump’s name was mentioned 18 times in a piece about the Canadian Prime Minister, what caught our eye at Agility PR Solutions was the rapid and widespread response to the article. In the two days following the article’s release, nearly 15 percent of social media mentions of the story were generated outside of Canada and United States, with 46 tweets from Japan alone.

Here’s the distribution of international social media coverage mentioning the August cover story:

Global map of the distribution of social media mentions of Justin Trudeau's Rolling Stone profile

Online news coverage in the U.S. was evenly spread, with concentration noted in Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and California, and driven largely by syndicated articles from CNN and Associated Press.

U.S. map of the distribution of online media mentions of Justin Trudeau's Rolling Stone profile

And some of our favourite tweets from around the globe…

(Originated in Canada; retweeted in Germany.)

(Originated in Australia.)

(Originated in Japan.)

(Originated in the U.K.; retweeted in Japan.)

And lastly, from the author himself:


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Myles Leach
Myles has been with Agility PR Solutions since December 2015, first as a lead generation specialist and now as a data analyst with the Media Insights Group. He is the analyst for and author of reports for government departments and large oil and gas clients. Myles has a degree in International Relations from Carleton University.


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