Stop Doing Stupid Stuff [Webinar Recap]

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Measuring Impact, Monitoring Coverage, Public Relations

On April 25, 2017, Bulldog Reporter presented a webinar by Katie Paine titled Stop Doing Stupid Stuff: Using PR Measurement to Make Better Decisions. Here is a recap of what the Measurement Queen had to teach us.

It began with the revelation that only five percent of PR and communications actions are taken because they help the organization’s mission (shock and horror!), but Katie Paine’s webinar only truly started when the Measurement Queen urged us to “Measure what matters, not what’s easy.”

What she meant by this was that PR needs to move away from activity-based metrics – AVEs, impressions, likes – and focus on outcomes. In other words: quality, not quantity, is what matters now, because it’s the quality coverage that will drive success.

“Clicks are meaningless unless you can prove that increased engagement is leading to increased leads and revenue,” said Paine.

After a rundown of the hallowed (by some) Barcelona Principles – which Paine was happy to point out state as their No. 1 tenet that “Goal setting and measurement are fundamental to communication and public relations” – she got into the guts of her presentation: six steps to successful measurement, aka the keys to stop doing stupid stuff.

1. Define the goal

2. Define the parameters

3. Define the benchmarks

4. Define the metrics

5. Select your tools

6. Analyze the data

Full of insights and experiences from Katie Paine’s three decades in the field of measurement, Stop Doing Stupid Stuff: Using PR Measurement to Make Better Decisions is an invaluable guide to using past PR performance to improve future PR results.

Get all the details on Katie’s six steps to better PR measurement – watch the webinar now.

Marcus Kaulback
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