What should be done about media relations? [Debate]

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Media Relations, Public Relations

Be it resolved that media relations is a lost art in the PR world and should be resuscitated, revived, and reaffirmed as a pillar of the profession.


Arguing for is Alex Slater, managing director of Clyde Group and Bulldog Awards PR Star of the Year 2017, who says that true media relations has become an afterthought at today’s agencies, and that “the independent news media is still the best way to get a credential message across from a third party that the public trusts.”

Read Alex’s opening argument:
Back to PR basics: Why media relations still matters


Arguing against is Katie Paine, founder of Paine Publishing and veteran of the PR measurement world for more than three decades, who says that impressions gained through media relations are not a true measure of influence, and that “your job as a communications employee is not to generate hits but to contribute to the organizational bottom line.”

Read Katie’s rebuttal:
Better media relations is not the answer


Where do you stand on the debate? Does public relations need to get back to its roots and refocus on developing and fostering true relationships with the media? Or is it all a red herring, and you think PR pros need to get with the times and behave more like marketers?

Let us know in the comments below, or give us a shout and we can chat about it. Like Frasier Crane, we’re listening.

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For more media relations insight, watch the Bulldog webinar, Media Relations: 4 Reasons It’s Not Working For You, and listen to our interview with Alex Slater, where he passionately doubles down on his position that PR pros need to get back to basics.

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