12 under-the-radar Instagram writing tips brands should use

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Instagram now has 800 million users, and 500 million of them log in to their accounts on a daily basis. So, if your brand is not marketing via Instagram, now is the perfect time to start.

First, you need to:

  • Set up an account. Download the app from Google Play or App store and create an account where you will be prompted to fill in your profile information.
  • Add your bio. In this part, you add your brand name and a keyword or two that will help users find you easily. Also, add the username which is your identity on Instagram. Make the name consistent on other social media so that users can tag you on different platforms.

Instagram also provides a website where users can add a clickable link. This link helps your followers access your newest or most important content.

12 under-the-radar Instagram writing tips brands should use

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For brands that are just starting out, here are some tips you can use:

1. Make your bio interesting and informative

Using branded and non-branded hashtags makes it possible for you to get user-generated content where Instagrammers share their content on your feed using the hashtag. It should also include your contact details and hours of operation. Also, include what makes you special among your competitors.

2. Keep it simple

Don’t try too hard to impress. Make your posts simple and straight to the point. You don’t have to use complicated vocabulary all the time. Also, add some humor to your Instagram posts; this will help your followers connect with you. Try not to sound like a salesperson all the time. For example, Huda beauty which is run by Huda Kattan has a huge following of 23.4 million followers. Her huge following is credited to her simplicity and willingness to try out new things which ends up making her different.

12 under-the-radar Instagram writing tips brands should use

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-person-hands-coffee-6518/

3. Tell a story

Telling the story behind a particular caption has been proven a sure way to keep your followers glued to your page.

4. Be consistent

If you don’t post consistently, most of your followers are likely to hit the unfollow button. This is because they need to be in the know all the time. The consistent brands usually get to retain and attract more followers.

5. Appreciate user-generated content

Repost or tag the person who shares your content. By reposting such content, your followers feel appreciated. This method also aids in diversifying your market. For example, go pro uses this method and it has proven effective since it has had about 70,000 new followers weekly.

12 under-the-radar Instagram writing tips brands should use

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/access-blur-close-up-colorful-238480/

6. Focus on detail

When posting a photo of your product, ensure that the quality of the photo is the best. Research shows that most people will be interested in a product if it’s well represented. As they say, what you see is what you get.

7. Get exposure

For a new firm, it is important that you collaborate with a celebrity who has a huge following. Getting a celebrity to endorse a product will increase the sales by 4% almost immediately. The following on the brand’s social media pages also increases. This method is being embraced by firms all over where they pay a celebrity to be the brand ambassador for their products or services.

8. Use Instagram social sharing

This is an important feature on Instagram that companies should try to explore. The social sharing aspect allows a brand to share their posts on Instagram with other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to market your brand on other platforms beyond Instagram.

12 under-the-radar Instagram writing tips brands should use

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9. Explore the automation

To get followers on Instagram, you need to follow other people actively. What does “actively” mean? It means that you will have to follow, like and comment on their posts. When you follow someone, the possibility of them following back is high. According to QuickSprout, “for every 100 people you like or comment on their posts, you get an average of 6.1 followers.”

You can do that either manually or using an automation bot. The bot helps you gain followers without much hustle. It does that by engaging with people who have the same interests as you. It likes, follows and unfollows people automatically just like a human. This feature should, however, be used cautiously as being too aggressive may get your account banned.

10. Stay relevant

Once you settle on using Instagram as a marketing tool, it is important to ensure that you don’t get too excited and start posting unnecessary stuff on your brand page – this will render you as spammy and people will unfollow you. Instead, post photos and captions that are relevant to your brand. Also, add hashtags that relate to your business. This is done by putting yourself in the readers’ shoes. Ask yourself what they would like to see. The hashtags help your clients share their experiences translating to free exposure for you.

11. Focus on quality

When you walk into a shopping mall, what attracts you? It’s the shops with a spectacular display or those with high-quality glass doors and not those with a messy arrangement. The same applies to Instagram. The photos that are of high quality, carefully taken and edited are more likely to attract more likes and comments thus more people buying your brand.

12 under-the-radar Instagram writing tips brands should use

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/customer-expectation-service-1253483/

12. Let Instagram be a priority

Instead of using Snapchat stories, focus on marketing through Instagram since you get 35% more views. If you post a story on Instagram, all your followers see it on their screen once they open the app. You also get to post several photos at a go using the Instagram story. This should not, however, be used daily. Use it at least once a week.


Whether your brand is just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, Instagram marketing is a great option to market your products. More and more businesses are realizing the power of marketing through this platform, and Instagram users are growing in great numbers every other day – all these users make up your market! With these tips, you’ll be positioning your brand to a global audience.

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