2024 creator learning trends: New study reveals impact of AI, social media fatigue, and more

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Public Relations

As the Creator Economy continues to grow and diversify, new research from creative marketing platform Thinkific Labs finds that after a year of massive shifts across the technology sector and the wider economy, online learning is growing and offers financial stability for the consistently increasing body of creators.

The firm’s new 2024 Online Learning Trends Report uses consumer survey findings from over 2,500 Americans and expert creator insights to predict trends in the online learning industry and wider creator economy. 

2024 creator learning trends

Key trends highlighted in this year’s report include:

  • AI isn’t destroying online education—it’s increasing creator productivity
  • Downloadables emerge as the quickest path to creator monetization
  • All platforms become learning platforms
  • Private communities provide welcome respite from social media fatigue
  • The creator economy is no longer monopolized by a younger demographic

“The consumer insights that form the foundation of our latest report should be very reassuring and invigorating for creators,” said Greg Smith, co-founder & CEO of Thinkific, in a news release. “More people than ever are dedicating time to learning online, and AI is making it easier than ever to start and grow your business online. However, consumers have a clear preference for the personality, authenticity and personal brand that comes from human creators. We’re excited to share these insights with creators in the hopes it helps more of them embrace the incredible opportunities that exist today.”

2024 creator learning trends

Among the data points in the report, key findings include:

  • 92 percent of people dedicate at least one hour per month to learning digitally
  • 62 percent of people say they’re more interested in creators who make digital content for educational purposes than entertainment purposes
  • Almost one out of every five people (19.2 percent) between the ages of 41-56 consider themselves digital creators. This is up 16 percent since last year

Within the report, popular creator and former YouTube and Instagram employee Jon Youshaei offers his own unique trend predictions for the wider creator economy, including a bet on the rise of even shorter-form content and the return of unedited content.

Download the full report here.

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