3 insights on the changing face of beauty PR

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Public Relations

The public relations and beauty industries are constantly changing. Many are noting the big transition in PR from brands sending out traditional press releases to outlets to brands sending out product samples to influencers or freelance editors who review those products for the public. Beauty brands that want to be successful in their beauty PR efforts have to be constantly investing time and money into PR, which means being active on the right channels, which are those which the audience already visits.

Content opportunities

One of the most effective, as well as authentic, ways that beauty brands can get third-party validation for their products is with the help of influencers. Tarte Cosmetics is a great example of one of the first brands to invest in branded influencer events. Those events turned into a great way for the beauty brand to let influencers tell the brand’s story to the public.

In fact, a number of beauty brands have constantly stayed ahead of the beauty PR game, especially when it comes to connecting with engaged audiences. Creating marketing and content opportunities with the help of influencers allows target audiences to hear about brands. These opportunities are also ways to showcase great new products from trusted sources, and in meaningful ways.

Brand purpose

Many beauty brands have started raising the bar when it comes to authenticity. This effort started as a result of brands responding to the needs of the diverse audiences they attracted. Beauty brands have started setting their own trends, simply by trying to become fully immersed in what the consumers are saying they need.

Many consumers are constantly communicating with brands they love on social media, and the beauty brands that listen to their consumers and what they need have had the most success.  Allowing target audiences to interact with the beauty brands they love through events generates more online and offline customer experiences. These experiences build loyalty between the brands and their consumers.

Visual press release

These days, the formal press release isn’t that beneficial to many beauty brands because many consumers don’t want to sit around and read long pages of information about the latest beauty products. The same thing is happening with beauty reporters, who would prefer to receive the product itself and talk about their experiences using it, instead of reading about it in an email.

However, one thing that’s exploded in popularity in the last few years is the visual element of brands, and the way visual content can speak about brands. Consumers react to visual content a lot more than text-based content, which is why many companies have started relying on visuals when making announcements. These visuals can include things such as graphics or images.

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