3 PR tips for selling more products on Amazon

by | May 12, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

Companies that sell products on Amazon tend to find it a bit difficult to stay ahead of their competitors and sell more to consumers. As long as a business decides to market and promote its products in another fashion, it can reach a larger rate of consumers and generate more sales. Technology PR helps sell products.

Short-term promotion

Limited time and short-term promotions can be very effective for businesses selling on Amazon to generate more sales. When the consumers are offered a deal that has a time limit, the odds are that they’re going to get a chance to snag a great deal. For many consumers, the biggest deciding factor when making a purchasing decision is the price, which means those customers are always looking for a good price for their favorite product. By offering short-term deals, Amazon sellers can create great value for their products and significantly drive more sales. To do that effortlessly, there are several Amazon seller tools that businesses can use.

Review management

One of the most important elements of business operations is having a review management strategy in place. This is because the review management strategy can also be used as a great way for a business to market and promote itself and its products. Most Amazon shoppers tend to take Amazon reviews extremely seriously. In fact, those reviews often end up being the basis on which many consumers make buying decisions a lot of the time. Having a review management strategy in place can make a big positive impact on a company’s sales. To do that, Amazon sellers should perform a daily check for any new reviews and respond to every new review they receive. They should also encourage past customers to share their reviews and add images to their written experiences, and then the Amazon seller can share any positive testimonies across digital channels to build more confidence with other potential consumers.

External promotion

Promoting Amazon products externally simply means using other communications channels to drive traffic back to the company’s Amazon listing. This allows businesses to grab the attention of potential consumers that aren’t quite ready to make a purchase on Amazon but are more than willing to see the listing. To do that, companies can include keywords that the target audience is using when looking up similar products on search engines inside the product description so that it ranks higher on search engine results pages and creating social media ad campaigns that link back to the listings to increase product awareness.

Matt Caiola
Matt Caiola is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading technology PR agency.


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