4 critical reasons to build a PR team today

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Public Relations

When you’re running a public-facing business today, it’s very important that you have public relations staff on board. By having a public relations team, you can navigate problems that can hurt your reputation temporarily or even permanently. Follow all of these reasons why you should be hiring a public relations team.


Releasing the wrong advertisements can be a costly maneuver as you’ve might have released an advertisement that could be expensive while still hurting your reputation at the same time. A good example of an advertisement that should have been looked at a lot more before being released was the infamous “Live for Now” commercial released by Pepsi. This commercial featured Kendall Jenner in the middle of a protest and was pulled only a day after first being aired due to the messaging being very disliked by the public.

When you hire a public relations team, they will be able to watch over the entire production of your advertising and step in when they feel that it will hurt your bottom line. Additionally, a public relations team can go out and look for focus groups that will bring your advertisement ideas to some of the general public so you can get a good idea of what it would do, without the commercial being leaked out. By utilizing a public relations team, you’ll be skipping a lot of the issues with advertising.


Many leading companies today don’t seem very technologically savvy and find themselves having issues such as leaks. When leaks happen, products that aren’t supposed to be shown for a long time can get out in the wild and even worse, customer data might be released, which can get your customer base angry enough to stop doing business with you. A public relations team can help you find the perfect security along with navigating the public message of working to get better when such issues do arise.

When public relations starts releasing press releases about what happened with leaks, they will be able to comfort customers by talking about how they plan on fixing the issues by offering free incentives and implementing important functions inside the company such as cloud security that will prevent sensitive information from being leaked in the future. Navigating a security crisis like this is another important reason why you need to hire a public relations team.

4 critical reasons to build a PR team today


If you have a large workforce, a problem that can occur in the office space is harassment in different forms. If one of your employees feels like they are being sexually harassed for example by another colleague, having a public relations team is important to navigating what must be done in the office. Public relations teams will gather interviews from different parties to fully assess the situation and make quick calls on what actions must be taken.

By not having a public relations team in this instance, you could lose an employee that you’ve wanted to keep, have negative attention on the news, and even have a lawsuit filed against your company. Keeping a public relations team on staff makes sure conduct in the workplace can go accordingly.


Having a good public image isn’t just important to keep customers, but to get new staff on board. By having a good public relations team, you can create a positive image of a workplace that treats its workers fair. Building a company today requires the best talent around which you can get help by having a public relations team.


With all of these reasons, you’ll want to have a public relations team working for you promptly. Any company worth its salt has an extensive public relations team build over many years with the experience of dealing with public and workplace situations. By building your public relations team, your company will be better all around.

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