4 essentials for protecting and enhancing your company reputation

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Public Relations

In today’s current economic climate, reputation is everything. The slightest indiscretion can result in a PR nightmare, plus, it has been known to break a company within days. One of the significant factors is the ever-changing world of social media. All it takes is a poor review or comment splashed all over social to get shared the world over. Some companies have had to take a back seat until bad press has blown over.

To ensure you don’t have these issues to deal with in the future, take a look at how improving your reputation can strengthen your position. These aspects don’t have to be grand gestures either. Check out simple yet effective ways to build a robust position in your market.

Provide excellent and consistent customer service

Going that extra mile for your customers will see you reap the rewards in the long term. Brands that are built on reviews such as Amazon rely heavily on providing second to none customer service. Treating clients well will see them come back time and time again, plus they’ll always recommend you to others.

Put fires out early

Metaphorical fires should be extinguished quickly, but it always pays to be transparent about it. No one likes a PR disaster; however, one way to tackle it comes from KFC’s example. Running out of chicken could have been disastrous for the brand, and they knew an apology wouldn’t be enough. They quickly decided to turn it into a PR win by poking fun out of themselves with cheeky adverts to ride the wave of criticism. It certainly worked, and they recovered well very quickly.

Treat your staff well

Nothing says more about a company than how well it treats employees. These people are the foundations of your brand, and if they are not happy, they’ll complain about it. However, it won’t be to you; it’ll be to anyone else that listens. Everyone wants to work for a company that values them, so treating your people well and incorporating aspects such as benefits, rewards, and the chance to offer feedback is vital for a successful and productive workforce.

Strive to be at the forefront of your industry

Becoming an organization that everyone looks up to is a challenging task. However, it’s not impossible. Being an industry player and encouraging innovation is vital to stay ahead and carve the path for other businesses looking to improve. Internal processes and practices are the building blocks of becoming an industry authority. Everything from arranging a simple legionella risk assessment Birmingham companies can do to joining trade bodies to strengthen your message—each helps keep standards high in the sector, which is something other companies will strive to achieve.

Other reputation-boosting necessities include:

  • Build trust and keep your promises to customers.
  • Give something valuable back to the community both locally and nationally.
  • Create a relatable brand with a real voice.
  • Enhance your business with a striking digital presence.
  • Look at sustainable development ideas to take your business into the new decade.

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