4 PR lessons from Absolutely Fabulous

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Movies, Public Relations

If you’re in the PR biz and haven’t watched the BBC comedy series Absolutely Fabulous (AB Fab), then you’re certainly missing the opportunity for the best belly laugh you’ve had in years. Lucky for you, however, the British comedy has come to the big screen.

The series and the movie, for those unfamiliar or needing a refresher, centres around Edina (Eddy) Monsoon played by character-actress extraordinaire, Jennifer Saunders, owner of a fashion PR firm, Monsoon PR, based in London, England. Her best friend and partner in crime, Patsy (Pats) Stone, played by Joanna Lumley works (I use this term loosely) as an editor for a large fashion magazine. The team of Eddy and Pats tackle the world of fashion, celebrities, PR events and the like with a style and vigour unlike any other. Their escapades take them on a roller-coaster ride of mishaps and comical blunders landing them in hilarious predicaments. With a cast of equally incompetent people surrounding them, they still manage to complete the tasks at hand and somehow find success at the end of each adventure.

Below are some great lessons all PR pros can learn from the ladies of Ab Fab:

Crisis PR Plan

As all those in the PR profession know, having a communications plan set out in advance is the best way to handle a crisis when it arises. Whether you’re planning around a campaign or dealing with media in response to negative news, you must be prepared ahead of time. The worst place to find yourself is having to stickhandle around the situation at the last minute.

Pitching your story

We all know that journalists are constantly bombarded with story ideas. PR pros need to know which stories to pitch and to whom. Trying to “sell” your client’s story to the wrong journalist will not only put you on their blacklist, it’s also a waste of time for everyone. Do your research beforehand to discover who in the media is writing about your content and how they want to be pitched.

Being prepared for a TV interview

If you’re fortunate enough to land your client a TV interview, you need to ensure they’re the best person to represent the brand on this medium. The company spokesperson needs to be comfortable on camera, have all the necessary information ready at hand and be able to respond to questions presented with confidence and the appropriate knowledge.

Build a winning team

No PR professional works in a “bubble” (no pun intended), and the team around you is key to the success of any campaign or initiative. Surround yourself with a confident team of people who understand the client, their business and the rules of engagement.

The film, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, opens in theatres in the UK on July 1, 2016 and to audiences in the US and Canada on July 22, 2016. Make sure you visit a theatre near you to catch up on the crazy antics of Eddy and Pats and see if they don’t have some more great lessons for all you PR pros.

Whitney Zelmer
Whitney Zelmer is a content marketer and events coordinator. In her free time, she is an encaustic/mixed media artist.


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