4 reasons why PR and HR need to work together

by | Dec 23, 2021 | Public Relations

It is commonplace in your business for departments to come together to work towards a common goal. Two of these groups that frequently collaborate are public relations and human resources. Together, they strengthen your company’s image in your community to bring new employees into your organization and keep them there for a long time. Here are the reasons why PR and HR need to work together.

Trying to recruit new employees

The primary association between public relations and human resources is to draw new talent to your company. The PR department markets your organization as a fun place to work while providing top notch benefits and pay. In turn, those staff members in the HR section of your business become a professional matchmaker by matching the prospective employee with the right job. These two groups coordinate their efforts to give your corporation a great image both to the clients that they want to work for as well as those looking for a new career in your industry. They must put their efforts to the same goal of making your facility seem like the place to be and to illustrate the perks of being there.

Promote the image within the company

Once these individuals join your team, these two departments coordinate together to keep them on board for a long time. They collaborate to develop materials to distribute among the employees of your organization to remind them of their benefits and the other perks of being employed there. This documentation should be printed and distributed on a yearly basis and should include easy to understand text as well as bright colorful photos. It can also be kept on the pages for both of these groups. They plan and announce fun activities for the entire company, then record the enjoyment that everyone had for future marketing materials. When those that work for you hear positive, successful words about your business, it makes them proud to be part of your organization and more likely to recommend others to apply there.

Share what employees do in the company

There are multiple opportunities throughout the year that your corporation can get together to celebrate successes or to help the community around you. When this happens, the HR and PR departments team up to communicate these moments to the staff as well as your neighbors. When your employees spend their free time walking for a good cause while being a part of your company’s team and wearing your branded logo, it gives a favorable impression to those who live in your town. When these same people see photos and videos of your staff having fun at a company picnic, it makes them want to work for you. Sharing the life that happens within your facility with those in the public can increase the amount of applications that come to you for a job.

Ability to communicate both inside and outside of the business

A skill that is essential to both the HR and PR departments is communication. Their message to your prospective employees and clients must be concise, eloquent, and easy to understand. There will be many times when the documentation that they want to send out will affect the audience of each group. When this happens, they will need to schedule a time to work together to fine tune what they want to say. They can exchange text with each other to edit or offer suggestions to make the words clearer or more energetic. What they write will ultimately be the message for your company so the more eyes that read what it is, the better it will be for your organization. You need quality, reliable employees on your staff to make your company successful. Your human resources and public relations departments can make this happen for you. They can work together to make your business attractive to potential hires, then continue to remind them and the community that your organization can do when you work together as a team.

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