4 time-management tips to get your start-up off the ground

by | May 28, 2021 | Public Relations

How you manage your time as a start-up is going to be just as important as how you choose to develop and run your business. Time management can have a hugely positive impact on the future of your business; therefore, the sooner you start honing this skill, the better.

Invest in marketing and PR assistance

On top of the responsibilities of actually building and running your business, you’ll also need to market successfully in order to ensure that your start-up is found. However, this can be very time-consuming for a new, small business, and especially if you don’t have extensive knowledge regarding how to market effectively.

That’s why getting help from professional companies or outsourcing for marketing and PR will save you time, as well as greatly benefitting your new business.

Prioritize the organization of your personal life

When you’re an entrepreneur trying to develop and run a growing start-up business, managing your time effectively isn’t just focused on what you do during business hours. For a lot of entrepreneurs, their work can overlap and be affected by their personal life, and often trying to find a good work-life balance for a start-up is extremely difficult.

The better you save time in your personal life, the more of an improved balance you will find with your professional life, too. Therefore think about all the ways in which you can save time with personal responsibilities. This could include:

  • Asking friends and family for help with particular errands
  • Hiring help for things like cleaning or home maintenance if possible
  • Hiring childcare if you have children to care for, when you need to fully focus on work (and this is especially helpful if you’re working from home)
  • Think of others way to save time with busy children, such as using a clothes subscription box for kids with kidpik to save time on thinking about clothes and having to go out and shop during busy times

Set a clear schedule from the beginning of the day

This counts for both your personal schedule and your business one. Creating a schedule for your whole day will help you to stay organized, stay on track and know what you need to accomplish for the whole day. It can also help you to start the day right, by knowing exactly what time you need to wake up and what you need to accomplish immediately. Without a schedule, you may risk getting distracted, forgetting about key tasks, and failing to organize your time in the best way.

Find your most productive hours

Starting your business gives you the freedom to work how and when you want. This means understanding when you’re most productive is going to make a huge difference to how well you manage your time. If you can pinpoint your most productive time of day, you can ensure that you complete the most crucial work tasks during this time so that you don’t have to worry about procrastinating or tasks taking longer during a time when you’re less productive.

To conclude: use these tips to ensure that you organize an effective schedule to benefit both you and your start-up business.

James Daniels
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