4 tips for improving and expanding your PR firm in 2019

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Public Relations

With the new year comes a sense of renewed vigor and energy, which is precisely what you need when you intend to expand your PR agency in 2019.

Expansion is not something that can happen overnight. It requires careful planning to ensure that you achieve optimum success. The below guide features the steps necessary to take to successfully grow your business.

Review your plan for 2018

Before you go ahead making plans for the future, you need to have a deep understanding of your current position and how your company performed in 2018.

  • Did you achieve your goals?
  • Which marketing strategies were a success?
  • What feedback did you receive from clients?
  • What changes did clients recommend?
  • Where is there room for improvement?
  • Review website analytics. Which pages were most active, and conversely, which failed to be deemed a success?
  • Review social media analytics. Which posts were most commented on and shared?

Identify new opportunities

By studying how your company has performed, you will see where there were missed opportunities and where you could have improved efficiency and profit. Now is the ideal time to identify gaps in the services that you offer and which need more promotion.

You should also look at how your competitors performed over the same period. Your research will assist in you in identifying the best ways to distinguish your business, and maintain and build on the engagement and trust of clients.

Think of your business holistically

If you think of your company as several different parts rather than one cohesive unit, you adjust your mindset. You should consider the business holistically and define clear strategies to work together to strengthen your brand.

Companies that have unspoken interdepartmental barriers will not be as successful as those who work collaboratively. Successfully expanding your business requires everyone to sing from the same hymn sheet!

Invest wisely in tech and services

Expanding your business will require some financial investment, and it makes sense to outsource the tasks that you don’t specialize in. For example, hiring a marketing agency like DMG Portland to take care of your SEO and digital needs will allow you to focus on the aspects of the business where you excel, such as landing new clients.

To expand your business, you may need to recruit new talent to your team. Your employees are your business’s greatest asset and hiring new team members requires an investment of both your time and effort. The ideal candidate needs to be adequately qualified but also fits in with your company’s culture and shares your vision. You are investing in your company’s future, so take time to source the best candidate for the role.

Expanding your PR company takes time. You need a firm strategy in place to help achieve your goals, give your business direction, and give you control. If you have undertaken thorough research, you will have identified gaps in the market that you can capitalize on to boost your business’s performance and make it more effective – critical ingredients for successful expansion.

Richard Carufel
Richard Carufel is editor of Bulldog Reporter and the Daily ’Dog, one of the web’s leading sources of PR and marketing communications news and opinions. He has been reporting on the PR and communications industry for over 17 years, and has interviewed hundreds of journalists and PR industry leaders. Reach him at richard.carufel@bulldogreporter.com; @BulldogReporter


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