4 unique tips for driving company sales through PR

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

Sales teams sometimes forget that public relations isn’t just for stepping in when something bad happens—PR can help a company in many ways, including sales. There are several ways that this powerful tool can be brought in to be most effective.

Sales and marketing sometimes needs to get a PR pro’s insights to help shape the campaign, or just shine a light on the good the company does. Here are some unique ways PR can contribute to a company’s image, and ultimately, its bottom line:

Use social media to amp up some comedic drama

One of the public relations dreams recently are the social media battles between companies that are more comedy than realistic. This could be a great way to be noticed by everyday people. The best way to do this requires finding someone with a sense of humor who knows wordplay. The amount of good will be worth more than regular advertising. People will notice and, in many cases, will want to see what the company offers. It will drive sales with every response. People will investigate further, as word of mouth starts. This all will build the company reputation, all by making good comedy. Just be sure to steer away from anything offensive or highly controversial.

Showcase your great employees

One way that a good PR person can show how a company is worth buying from is through the employees of a company. That is why a good HR department for your small business is essential at the start. Human resources allows for the hiring of employees who will help make a company great. A PR campaign showing this helps with sales and bringing in more people who will be a good fit. It will be a good loop that pays for itself. People want to like the company they buy things from. They also want to know that the company treats the employees very well.

4 unique tips for driving company sales through PR

Highlight your charitable endeavors

A PR professional will be able to show a company in an extremely good light with how the company does charitable works. While most companies do some form of charity, the more innovative or helpful will be better to show the company in a good way. People are used to the companies that do just enough to help their tax status. The real winners in public relations are those that do not even care if they go past where the tax write-off is of any use. That will make people stand up and notice. It is not about money, but being truly helpful that will cause people to want to buy from a company.

Remember, seriousness is sometimes overrated

People know that there is a serious side in business. The thing is, there should also be an enjoyable side. People enjoy seeing when a company can forget the humdrum side. That also means that employees will brag about what they are doing and mean it. This will drive sales, especially with a good PR campaign. People are wanting to smile when they see something. Advertising is not the only way that this will happen. That is where the PR experts can really help to showcase how employees enjoy working at a company.

There are many different ways that a good public relations campaign can drive sales. These are just a few of those ways. People want to see that employees have fun and that companies care. Bringing in customers may just be the driving force for many campaigns, but there are many ways to enjoy the process. Sales will come if a company has a good reputation. Start out good and go strong all the time. Public relations will just be a way to boost this.

Jeremy Sutter
Jeremy Sutter is a freelance writer and former mobile marketing manager at Adobe.


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